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Meshel Laurie Opens Up About Her Struggle With Female Hair Loss

Australian radio and TV personality Meshel Laurie has written candidly about her struggle with hair loss in an inspiring Facebook post. During her regular spot on The Project last Friday, the 41-year-old sported a bright purple wig not unlike her often vividly coloured hair. But in a Facebook post published soon after the show aired, the

Chris Hemsworth Reveals How Elsa Pataky Saved His Life

We don’t want to alarm you but we nearly lost one of Australia’s best exports. Chris Hemsworth, Star of Thor and our nightly dreams, told about how he nearly died while hiking in the Himalayas last year. Fortunately, his wife and fellow actor, Elsa Pataky, noticed the questionable symptoms he was suffering and raised

Exactly How Each Form Of Birth Control Affects Your Period

Birth control can be a total lifesaver if you’re not trying to get pregnant right now. But it can also impact your period, and usually for the better. That’s why some doctors will prescribe certain forms of birth control for period issues. Still, if your primary reason for choosing a birth control is the ability

Chinese Herbal Medicines Are Often Mislabelled

Ever tried a traditional Chinese medicine for your cold? You might want to question what’s really in that “natural extract”. Nearly 80% of Chinese patent medicines are mislabelled, a new study from the University of Guelph has found. Scientists at the uni worked with Chinese researchers to examine 20 extracts and 47 Chinese traditional medicines.

How To Get Financially Fit In 2018

IS IT NORMAL TO… NOT HAVE MADE ANY INVESTMENTS BY THE AGE OF 30? Got your (measly) life savings sitting pretty in a low-interest bank account? Join the club. “It’s quite common to have used your 20s to make the most out of life and put finances on the backburner,” says financial planner Chris Bates.

Your November Horoscope: There's A Lot Going Down

Each month, we’re breaking down what’s going on in your life. Read on as Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counselling psychology, gives it to you straight. Get ready now: There’s a lot of action going down in the universe this month, and it’s going to impact all areas of your life. Mercury,

Blogger Sarah's Day Reveals What Her Day On A Plate Looks Like

Sarah’s Day is a fitness, health and wellbeing blogger, sharing her day to day life across all her social media platforms. She is becoming known in the influencer community for her authentic YouTube videos and her super bubbly personality… but what is next for Sarah? From posting about her lunchtime nourish bowls or her new favourite way to

Washing Produce With Water Alone Might Not Remove Pesticides

We’re told to give our fruit and vegetables a rinse before eating. But a new study has found washing them in water alone might not be enough to remove pesticides. The study published in the Journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry found baking soda was the best method for removing pesticide residues. Speaking to CNN, author Lili He, a

Why You Should Rethink Your Post-Run Beer

We are right in the middle of the race season in Australia, which also coincides with the start of Spring and warmer weather. This often means that race day is followed by a post-run celebratory beer – but what effect is this really having on your body? With the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival coming up

New study confirms higher cancer rate in women with dense breast tissue

Researchers using automated breast density measurements have found that women with mammographically dense breast tissue have higher recall and biopsy rates and increased odds of screen-detected and interval breast cancer, according to a large new study from Norway published online in the journal Radiology. The study supports automated measurements as a future standard to ensure

How A Nutritionist Beats A Sick Day

Nose running faster than an Olympian right now? We hear you – colds are crappy AF. And there’s only so much Netflix you can watch while curled up on the couch surrounded by tissues and Dairy Milk. That’s why we asked Sydney nutritionist Teresa Boyce for her power-through checklist. Here, how to battle your winter

This Palette Has A 30,000 Person Waiting List

When in doubt, veer neutral. This is true in terms of attitude, but especially when it comes to your eyeshadow spread. Within a handful of fawn, beige, and deep brown or black tones, lie endless eye makeup possibilities ranging from the demure to the dramatic. Charlotte Tilbury gets it. We constantly find ourselves reaching for