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Incredible footage by Hollywood director of New York surgeons

Incredible footage by Hollywood director captures top New York surgeon implanting a mechanical heart for star-studded movie about US doctor who saved a Dominican sex worker’s life WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT A new movie, Corazon, tells the true story of Dr Mario Garcia at Montefiore saving the life of a young Dominican woman, Elena Ramirez The

Mammogram images: Normal, abnormal, and breast cancer

There are two techniques for creating a mammogram. Film-screen mammography creates a photographic film, while digital mammography creates digital images. Both methods use the same procedure for taking the image. The person having the mammogram will place their breast between two clear plates, which will squeeze it between them to hold it in place. This

Sleep problems in Parkinson’s disease: Can we fix them?

A team of researchers at VIB and KU Leuven has uncovered why people with a hereditary form of Parkinson’s disease suffer from sleep disturbances. The molecular mechanisms uncovered in fruit flies and human stem cells also point to candidate targets for the development of new treatments. Sleep and Parkinson’s Parkinson’s disease affects 5 million people

Caloric intake and muscle mass at high altitude

New research in The FASEB Journal explored why a group of young, healthy adults residing at high altitude lost muscle mass while severely underfed and consuming the same high-protein diet that preserved muscle during weight loss at sea level. A team led by Stefan M. Pasiakos, PhD, a nutritional physiologist at the U.S. Army Research

Tonsil and adenoid removal associated with respiratory, allergic and infectious disease

Tonsil and adenoid removal associated with long-term risks of respiratory, allergic and infectious diseases Removing tonsils and adenoids in childhood increases the long-term risk of respiratory, allergic and infectious diseases, according to researchers who have examined — for the first time — the long-term effects of the operations. The researchers suggest renewed evaluation of alternatives

Waves move across the human brain to support memory: Columbia Engineers discover a new fundamental feature of brain oscillations: These traveling waves reflect patterns of neuronal activity that move across the cortex and are important for memory and cognition

The coordination of neural activity across widespread brain networks is essential for human cognition. Researchers have long assumed that oscillations in the brain, commonly measured for research purposes, brain-computer interfacing, and clinical tests, were stationary signals that occurred independently at separate brain regions. Biomedical engineers at Columbia Engineering have discovered a new fundamental feature of

Education linked to higher risk of short-sightedness: Findings have important implications for educational practices

Spending more years in full time education is associated with a greater risk of developing short-sightedness (myopia), finds a study published by The BMJ today. The researchers say their study provides “strong evidence” that more time spent in education is a risk factor for myopia, and that the findings “have important implications for educational practices.”

Bug in ear: Symptoms and how to get it out

There are a few different ways that the bug can get into the ear. It could crawl in overnight while a person is asleep, or fly into their ear when they are spending time outside. If a bug does get into the ear, it may die right away. However, there is also a chance that

What happens if you don’t eat for a day? Timeline and effects

Fasting is a longstanding part of many religious traditions, including the Jewish and Muslim observances of Yom Kippur and Ramadan. A form of fasting known as intermittent fasting has also gained popularity as a weight-loss tool. Many studies have examined the benefits and risks of giving up food for a day, including how it affects

How to gain weight with diabetes

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight may not be easy, but it can improve a person’s health and should be a goal for people with diabetes. Some of the benefits include: better cholesterol levels improved blood pressure more stable blood sugar levels lower risk of long-term health problems In this article, we consider how people

High vitamin D levels linked to lower cholesterol in children

There is a link between higher serum vitamin D levels and lower plasma cholesterol levels in primary school children, new research from the University of Eastern Finland shows. Children whose serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels exceeded 80 nmol/l had lower plasma total and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels than children whose serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels were

Negative vs. positive social media experiences and depressive symptoms

Negative experiences on social media carry more weight than positive interactions when it comes to the likelihood of young adults reporting depressive symptoms, according to a new University of Pittsburgh analysis. The finding, reported today in the journal Depression and Anxiety, may be useful for designing interventions and clinical recommendations to reduce the risk of