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Poison control center data detail peds exposure to buprenorphine

(HealthDay)—Pediatric exposure to buprenorphine can result in serious adverse outcomes, especially among children aged younger than 6 years, according to a study published online June 25 in Pediatrics. Sara Post, from The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and colleagues examined buprenorphine exposures among children and adolescents aged ≤19 years in the

How the Parkland Kids Are Teaching Adults to Shut Up & Listen

Are you a trend-spotter? If so, you’ve probably noticed the hottest new thing: listening. Listening is hot. It’s about to blow up bigger than mindfulness, even. It’s been lurking backstage, this "listening" trend, biding its time as we saturate ourselves with news feeds and social updates and Kardashian-Jenner product shills. Maybe you caught a whiff

Urgent call for prevention strategies for sleep-related infant deaths

Dr. Kyran Quinlan and colleagues at Rush issue an urgent call for prevention strategies for sleep-related infant deaths in his viewpoint, “Protecting Infants From Sleep-Related Deaths” published in the June 18 online issue of JAMA Pediatrics. “Approximately 3,700 sudden unexpected infant deaths occur each year,” said Quinlan, associate professor and division director of general pediatrics

Kid Rules You Can Totally Let Slide in the Summer

Yeah, yeah, there are parenting ‘rules’ most of us live by — but what about on summer vacation? Is it actually OK to let a few rules slide until September? Short answer: yes. Here’s why. Summertime doesn’t just mean longer days, no school and boatloads of sunscreen. Along with the rising temperatures often comes a

I Love Flying With My 2 Toddlers — No, I'm Not Joking

Flying with kids has (understandably) gotten a bad reputation. Most parents dread the flight and are terrified they’ll be to blame for the screamer everyone strains to ignore for a few very long hours. To those moms and dads in fear of air travel with children, I’d like to offer some solace: I’m here to

Pharmacologic Tx should be used sparingly for reflux in preemies

(HealthDay)—Conservative measures to control reflux have limited effect on signs of gastroesophageal reflux (GER) in preterm infants, and pharmacologic treatments should be used sparingly, according to a clinical report published online June 18 in Pediatrics. Eric C. Eichenwald, M.D., from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and colleagues from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on

Fall in Love With the Family Bed

If there’s one parenting choice that’s guaranteed to polarize, it’s co-sleeping. I’ve experienced the backlash against sharing a bed with my baby firsthand. "But you’re harming your baby!" exclaimed one friend — who swiftly became a former friend — when I casually mentioned over dinner that my healthy, happy 3-month-old bedded in with us every

Rare baby names that became popular overnight

We’ve all heard of iconically popular names (like Peter, Jessica, etc.) becoming, well, even more popular overnight. And even rare celebrity baby names have been known to rise suddenly to the top of the charts after they debut. But how does one explain truly rare baby names that have suddenly started soaring in usage, with

Pediatricians say no to spanking

(HealthDay)—Most U.S. pediatricians say spanking is a bad way to discipline children. “In the past couple of decades, a tremendous amount of research has come out that shows hitting children is counterproductive and leads to more harm than good,” said Catherine Taylor, author of a new survey on the subject. “I hope that pediatricians will