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How to make school mornings easier

With some amount of planning, you can control the morning madness and get your child out of the door on time…and smiling! By Amita Bhardwaj Each time you see an advert that shows someone lazing with a hot cup of tea and newspaper for company, if you are reminded of your own manic mornings, well,

Should Parents Care What Their Teen Wears?

"I can’t believe she goes out dressed like that."  "I wish she’d dress more appropriately." "She’s showing off far too much skin." These are all things I’ve heard parents of teenage girls say. I’m still a few years away from that stage with my own daughter, but I’ve seen firsthand how much tension can be

How to Choose the Right Dentist for Your Child

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that kids should visit a pediatric dentist when their first tooth comes in or no later than their first birthday.  Here’s how to choose the right dental professional to help you keep your kid’s teeth in tip-top condition.  Finding a pediatric dentist The best way to find a

AAP updates recommendations for pediatric flu vaccination

(HealthDay)—All children and adolescents are advised to undergo annual influenza immunization, ideally with an inactivated influenza vaccine, according to a policy statement published online Sept. 3 in Pediatrics. Yvonne A. Maldonado, M.D., from the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Infectious Diseases, and colleagues updated recommendations for the routine use of influenza vaccine and antiviral

Early Childhood Intervention: Our early years script adulthood

The early childhood years are just as important for children with disabilities and developmental delays as they are for all children. By Abha Ranjan Khanna The recent report that “India tops list of countries having maximum kids under 5 living with disabilities”, indicates an epidemic has been simmering in India for years. In fact, WHO

6 Late-Summer Allergens Every Parent Should Know

There is exactly one good thing to be said about allergies and that is that at least they’re not contagious. Otherwise, these reactions to irritants, with symptoms that include itchy eyes, runny noses, sneezing and headaches are exactly what you don’t want to experience, much less stand by and watch your children suffer through.  Although

How to Prepare Kids With Hay Fever for School

Hay fever is just a fancy way of saying allergies — those stereotypical allergies with sneezing, a runny nose and itchy, watery eyes. While it’s common to be on the lookout for these allergies in the spring when nature is in bloom, it’s not uncommon for kids to experience the same symptoms year-round. "You can

5 books that teach kids the value of dissent

Any attempt to disrupt accepted norms of the society has, more often than not, cost one their dignity and sometimes their freedom too. Dissent is a large part of democracy and it’s never too early to learn its value. As the Supreme Court recently pointed out as well, “Dissent is the safety valve of democracy.”

All children should receive flu vaccine ASAP, doctors advise

(HealthDay)—All children 6 months of age and older should have a flu shot, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says. A flu shot significantly reduces a child’s risk of severe illness and flu-related death, according to the policy statement published online Sept. 3 in the journal Pediatrics. “The flu virus is common—and unpredictable. It can

The Baby Decision: Are you scared to be a parent?

There are books and consultants to help you figure out if you want a child. Hannah Seligson/New York Times For most of her 30s, Katie Wilson was pretty certain she did not want children. But at 36, there was a looming sense that her fertility window was closing and a wave of anxiety set in

Ghoul hoardings: Our children find them scary, say some parents

Ghoul, the recently released web series starring Radhika Apte, caught the attention of one and all for its theme. The posters for the dystopian series, reflecting the gore and some with blood-dripping visuals, put up at several locations in the cities are difficult to miss, grabbing the interest of onlookers, including children. When concerned parent

Busy Philipps Shut Down a Mom-Shamer With This Spot-On Response

Mom of two Busy Philipps is not here for men body-shaming her (or anyone) on Instagram. The actor recently shared a gym selfie on Instagram for #TheAwesomeChallenge, a program that donates clothes to kids in need every time the hashtag is used. But of course, some internet troll had to take a post about charity

Things men secretly do but would never admit

Do you act one way in public and another in private? Whether you think your answer is yes or no, here’s the truth: we all behave differently in private than we do behind closed doors. In a study published by scientists at Newcastle University School of Psychology, researchers found that even hanging up posters with