Only aluminium salts to reduce sweating reliable

After the quick showers on the armpit stripes and the Freshness remains all day: The promise of roll-on deodorant. Stiftung Warentest has examined 21 products, the most important criterion: protection against armpit odor. Check the Tester ordered twenty male and female test subjects to the lab and the other is not a painted one of your armpits with a deodorant Roller. 24 hours later, the smell followed comparison by specially trained “Sniffer”, which is not allowed in front of the Riechtest in the lab, mowing the lawn once, to affect their sense of smell. Which deodorant was used, they did not know.

The result: Only a deodorant failed the smell test, the Deo-Stick of Ben&Anna for 13,30 Euro per 100 milliliters. The best the CD Deo water Lily section followed by Greendoor deodorant cream, the Nivea Fresh Natural 0% Aluminium Deodorant and the Sebamed Balsam Deo-Sensitive. Of the cheap Deodorant the Deodorant from Aldi has a rating of North best. It costs 1.10 Euro per 100 milliliters and average even slightly better than the most expensive product in the Test, the La-Roche-Posay-Deo for 24.80 euros per 100 milliliters.

Smell-tester at work

Only antiperspirants also stop the flow of Sweat

Among the 21 products tested, 14 deodorants, protect against underarm odour, and seven antiperspirants to inhibit the flow of Sweat were. The latter usually contain aluminum salts, which are the outputs of the sweat glands constrict. Aluminum is not, however, suspected to promote diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, scientifically this is proven, however. But it is certain that it can accumulate aluminum in the body and toxic in large quantities acts.

According to calculations by the Federal Institute for risk research, people who use a day, along with a Antitranspirantium to take, already, the amount of aluminum, which is still considered harmless. Many providers therefore do not use aluminum salts in Deodorants and to put their antiperspirants baking soda to the soaking up sweat. In the Test, you will be able to keep up but not with the aluminum-welding-blockers.

To verify the effectiveness of, the subjects, twice for 20 minutes in a 38 degrees Celsius temperature-controlled room, with and without deodorant protection. Tree wollpads under the armpits to absorbed the sweat. Their weight is revealed to the testers, later, as a lot of sweat was shed. The aluminum-antiperspirants ended as well as never, write the Tester.

The soda-Deos not have been able to convince to the contrary. The solid Deo T’eo of the natural cosmetics manufacturer Lush fell through completely. In addition, the leaflet failed to mention that the deodorant contains the allergenic fragrance substance Isoeugenol. The Tester rated it is, therefore, unsatisfactory. Also bad review of the Murnauers Kristall Deo Stick, which consists only of the aluminum salt is Ammonium Alum got, but according to the manufacturer, however, no sweat-inflammatory effect. Who puts a value on natural products, the testers recommend the Alterra Deo balm and the Alverde Sensitiv Deo.