Starbucks's New Holiday Cups and Merch Sure Are Different Than What You're Used To

Halloween isn’t even here yet, but Starbucks is ready to get the ball rolling on holiday gifts and, TBH, that’s totally fine and welcomed. Why wait around to get the holidays started when you can start right now!? Exactly. So to kick off the holiday season when it’s barely the end of September, Starbucks unveiled their new holiday cups and gifts, but they look different than what you may be used to.

Instead of all of the cups being decked out in green, red, and blue for the holidays, these ones take on a more glitzy look and are even reminiscent of something you’d drink out of at Coachella.

A Christmas at Coachella cup:

For spending the holidays in the Badlands:

This one would fit well at Kris Jenner’s holiday party:

OK, these are more traditional and holiday-y:

Once available for purchase, all of the reusable cups will range from $17.95 to $19.95, which makes them the perfect secret Santa gift. If these don’t suit your tastes, Starbucks will drop more coffee and holiday merch as their 90-day Christmas countdown continues.

Starbucks hasn’t revealed the always-controversial holiday paper cups that you get when ordering yet, but it’s only a matter of time!

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