Study Reveals That Doing These 4 Habits Will Stop You Gaining Weight

A new Australian study has found that following just four healthy guidelines can help prevent weight gain. And they’re easier than you might think.

For your best chance of staying in the same pair of jeans, researchers advise: eating breakfast daily, not eating take-away more than once weekly, watching less than two hours of TV daily and walking at least 10,000 steps each day. Sorted.

The University of Tasmania study took place over five years. Those who followed the four guidelines or took them up during the study period and stuck to them were least likely to gain weight.

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From there, it wasn’t such great news. Weight gain rose for each guideline that was not met. Participants who met just one guideline or less put on an extra 3.8kgs – that’s in addition to the 2kg average weight gain across the board.

The upside? Meeting three of the guidelines was just as good as meeting all four. Handy if a Netflix binge is on your horizon… just don’t pair it with take-away snacks.

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