That’s why diet coke is not better for your health than normal coke

Who loves Cola, Fanta and Sprite, but on his weight, pays attention, uses mostly sugar-free Alternative. US-experts now warn, however: Even the Light versions could increase the risk for Obesity, Diabetes and other diseases.

Sugar-free, low-calorie Soft Drinks are becoming increasingly popular. They call themselves light, zero, diet or sugarfree. Manufacturers advertise that these drinks are healthier. But is it really? Many experts doubt this promise.

The American Heart Association has now a variety of studies over the past years to analyze low-calorie Soft Drinks – and found that the results vary widely. Currently, there are no meaningful studies that demonstrate the advertised benefits of low-calorie Soft Drinks, still sufficient evidence for the alleged risks, the conclusion of the experts.

Due to the uncertain Studies, they advise, however, especially to children of a longer consumption. Particularly in your case, there is a lack of studies on the long-term effect of the drinks.

The potential risks of low-calorie Soft Drinks ranging from Obesity to dementia. For example, a study of the research Institute in Framingham, the consumption of Light drinks with a higher risk of stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, the subjects often took such drinks had a higher risk for Diabetes.

Also Light drinks make you fat

Not only sugar, but also sugar makes you fat, suggests, among other things, researchers from Israel. As a sweetener, replacing the Light-drinks the sugar, the blood sugar levels also rise sharply. This is especially useful for diabetics dangerous, but it can also have in Non-diabetics unpopular consequences: The rise in blood sugar leads to cravings. The scientists had studied the effect of a sweetener, first in mice, then on humans.

Nevertheless, doubts remain. The American Academy of nutrition and dietetics in 2012 suggested that the sweetener aspartame could even help you lose weight. Here, too, the researchers had not considered, however, the effect of soft Drinks on children specifically.

The recommendation of the American Heart Association

The experts at the American Heart Association suggests that the switch such as from Cola to Cola light can in the short term, be useful to control the weight of obese children who do not want to separate from the taste of the beverage immediately. As long as the Study remains, however, unclear, to recommend you to anyone Who really wants to pay attention to his health, should have both sugar-containing Soft Drinks, as well as their Light-variations of the Finger.

"We all know that there are healthier Alternatives, such as water, low-fat or fat-free Milch", scientists Frank Hu, who was involved in the Report, the company says.