Mum’s shock over ‘vile’ anniversary card sparks heated debate

When it comes to posts on Mumsnet, many of the topics can be incredibly personal but they often spark debate amongst users.

But one post in particular has captured attention on the site this week, and there’s a rather controversial reason why.

A user has taken to the forum to share her thoughts on an anniversary card made by a company called Love Layla Designs.

Going by the screen name, Decanter, the mum posted: “Am I being unreasonable to think this ‘hilarious’ card is actually depressing?

“I have two daughters and hate how this kind of crap is being normalised. F***ing hilarious Layla.”

Love Layla are a family-run gift company that prides themselves on designing and printing “hilarious, cheeky and rude Greetings Cards that will definitely provide laughs all round!”

Their website says their cards and gifts are intended to be “full of humour, laughter and swear words that bring out the childish giggles in you”.

However not many people saw the funny side of the card – which features a design with the words “up the bum, no harm done” and a love heart.

Many on the parenting forum declared that it was inappropriate.

One commented: “If it’s consensual why would he need to argue ‘no harm done’ ?”

Another described it as “vile”.

“Bang out of order,” posted a third.

“You are not being unreasonable. It actually sounds like he’s shoved it up without asking,” a fourth added.

However not everyone took offense to the card, some users saw nothing wrong with it.

“What is being normalised? Anal sex? It is pretty normal,” said one mum.

A second thought it was a “stretch” to say the card was suggesting non consensual sex.

“While it doesn’t appeal to my sense of humour at all I think it’s a stretch to say a silly rhyme suggests non consensual sex or that ‘he needs to argue’ anything, whoever ‘he’ might be.”

Love Layla Designs have spoken out following the backlash on Mumsnet, saying the card was designed with their own personal sense of humour in mind

A spokesperson for the company said: “It’s really unfortunate that the intent of the product has been misunderstood in this instance. Despite the controversial nature, everything we sell is designed with our personal sense of humour at it’s heart. However, we understand that our brand and product range isn’t for everyone.

They added: “We continuously review reaction and feedback and will take this on board for future designs.”

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