Mum’s suspicion about husband and babysitter after he makes her the ‘wrong tea’

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, you’ll quickly know if something changes in their behaviour.

One mum says she has a gut feeling that something is going on with her other half and the French au pair the family has staying to help look after their child.

She explained that she’s never been the "jealous type" but has started to notice her husband acting differently – which has aroused her suspicions.

On Mumsnet , she wrote: "I have a gut feeling that something is going on.. It’s just small things that he has never done it with other aupairs."

She said that he always "defends her" even if "she does not need defending", over every day issues like unwashed dishes and a messy home that she used to vent to him about with previous au pairs.

"He hugged and kissed her on the cheeks at least once in my presence. like she come back from evening out. Its not like he has not seen her for months! He has NEVER DONE this with any other aupairs," the mum explained.

She’s also suspicious because the girl "prefers to chat with him" and he "seems to love" having long discussions with her.

The girl, who helps their kid with homework and lives with them, also "seems to blush" and "smirk" when she sees him.

Something that really baffled the mum was when her longtime hubby went to make her a brew but ending up chatting to the girl – he then came back with the wrong sort of cuppa.

"One evening we were upstairs and he went down to kitchen to make tea. He spent around 30 minutes there with her. He also made wrong tea! He knows I never drink black tea with milk. We have been married for over 12 years!!"

Another thing the mum thinks may be a clue is that he used to travel to work with her in the mornings but now hangs around the house, so she leaves while he is left in the house with the girl. She wonders what goes on between them when she’s not around.

She confronted him and he called her "crazy" and accused the busy mum of wanting to "alienate" the young girl – which she said isn’t true as she cooks for everyone and cleans up.

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The mum asked fellow Mumsnet users for advice – and the consensus was clear.

One wrote: "Fire her and get her the f*** out of your house. No questions asked."

Another said: "Yep something is going on I’m afraid, or they both want it to. Sack her promptly and go to marriage counseling ASAP".

A third agreed: "Trust your gut. Fire her and tell him his behaviour is unacceptable."

Some thought the husband is ridiculous if he is trying to deceive his wife, with one writing: "Men are hopeless at keeping things on the downlow and women have the worlds best tuned spider sense".

A minority of others reckon that perhaps nothing has happened between the pair "It’s most likely that he just fancies her rather than anything physical has happened".

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