Salma Hayek Wants You To Put Smoothies On Your Face—Here's Why

Beauty rituals get passed down from generation to generation—that’s no surprise. But while some of us simply learn how to apply lipstick and mascara, Salma Hayek was taking notes from her grandmother, who slathered crushed-up papaya on her skin as an early-aughts glowy face mask. “I would say, ‘Abuela, you look crazy,’” she said at a recent event. “And she would respond, ‘Yes, but I’m beautiful.’”

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Fast forward to our mask-obsessed world today. Salma could’ve just as easily opted for taking a powdered form of papaya and calling it a day, but she instead called up Juice Generation founder Eric Helms and pitched him the idea: smoothies for your face. He flew to meet her at her Los Angeles home, and—after a huge haul from Whole Foods—the two spent eight hours blending up elixirs in her kitchen.

The result is a delectable subscription smoothie service called B.I.Y. (Blend-It-Yourself) that you can drink or dab on your face to achieve glowy-looking skin. Prices start at $54 for a shipment of six smoothies. Not only do they harness the power of superfoods like papaya, kale, avocado—they also tap ingredients that you’re used to reading on skincare labels like calendula, Manuka honey, and rose water and go on cold for added anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

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These are the three dual-use smoothies you’ll find in Salma’s line, and the benefits of each:


This vitamin-rich aloe, spinach, and kale blend feels like a day at the spa—just add cucumbers to your eyes. Ingredients also include pear, cucumber, avocado, nopal cactus, and mint.


Like a big gulp of water (er, smoothie?) for your face, this blend feels refreshing and hydrating. Along with the watermelon, honeydew, and blackberry, you’ll also find hibiscus, rose water, calendula, and figs in this smoothie.


The papaya and lemon help to slough off dead skin cells and the avocado sinks into skin to moisturise. Also included are pineapple, meyer lemon, pumpkin seeds, and Manuka honey.

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