5 fun movies for working moms

Are you a working mom, who feels nobody can relate to the stress you go through, balancing work and family time? Well, these movies do a fine job of relating to these struggles. Snuggle up and watch!

I Don’t Know How She Does It

Starring Sarah Jessica Parker as a working mom, who’s trying hard to balance a demanding job as a financial analyst (that she loves!), while trying to make time for her children, this is a movie many working mothers will relate to. Whether it’s trying to bake a cake for school, build a snowman with a daughter or travel out of town for work at a moment’s notice, her character finds herself in over her head, even as everybody around her wonders how she does it all so successfully.

The Single Moms Club

Ask any single mother and they’ll tell you that single parenting is a lonely job. In this movie, Nia Long stars as a newspaper reporter and wannabe author, who is part of a group of five single mothers, who is finding her feet at work as her 12-year-old son obsesses with meeting his biological father. That’s a handful to manage, but what helps is the bonding between these strong women.

The Intern

The Intern, a movie about Robert De Niro finding re-employment in his senior years, is also about Anne Hathaway’s character Jules Osten balancing the demands of a successful business and being a mother. Her husband may be a stay-at-home dad, but that doesn’t mean she can miss the potlucks or the morning school run. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but Jules sure manages a fine balance!

Mrs Doubtfire

In this classic comedy, Sally Fields as working mother Miranda Hillard plays the perfect foil to Robin Williams’ character of her ex-husband, who re-enters the home as a housekeeper, disguised as a woman. Mrs Doubtfire’s endearing ways ensure enough heartwarming moments of family bonding.

Bad Moms

An overbearing boss, kids who are spoilt rotten, and a husband who refuses to grow up–welcome to the world of Bad Moms! Mila Kunis as Amy Mitchell manages to break the stereotype, inspiring four other moms along the way to catch a breather, making for one of the most popular films of all time!

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