Is all well with your drinking water?

(HealthDay)—More than 15 million homes in the United States get their water from private wells, according to federal estimates. While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulates public drinking water, people with private wells need to check their water themselves, along with other maintenance steps. This is especially important if you’re thinking about having a baby.

Here’s How You Can Win Free Starbucks for Life

Starbucks has never shied away from giving away free drinks, be it on a national holiday or to promote a new drink offering. It seems like every other week, there’s a way to get your hands on a Starbucks Frapp for next to nothing. But free Starbucks for life? This comes just once a year,

Social media photo overkill may boost narcissism

The findings, which appear in The Open Psychology Journal, show that participants who posted large numbers of photos and selfies on social media developed a 25 percent rise in narcissistic traits over the 4-month study period. This uptick in traits pushed some participants past the diagnostic cutoff for narcissistic personality disorder. Social media allows us

I’m a Brain Doctor, and This Is What I Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s

Despite the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars over the past several decades on the part of pharmaceutical companies, we still don’t have any meaningful treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, in a recent extensive study just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the two most commonly prescribed medications for Alzheimer’s

Physician claims: cereals and popular vegetables make us sick

Grains and vegetables, protect plants against predators and diseases with special substances. For the human digestive system, they are inappropriate and make us sick, says a US nutritional medicine. He has to be right? People who eat daily vegetables, fruit and whole-grain products, eat very healthy, so the General opinion was – and is thus

Food: Why rituals are important

Rituals when eating köcan increase according to a study by the enjoyment and also have a positive impact: With rules, Tricks and solid ­Ablächeck ernäwe do us gesüof Food ritual: Shared meals connect and are healthy Together, the table cloths, the meal-consuming to do or just to start eating, when all of the seats at

'Intermittent Fasting Helped Me Lost 90 Pounds'

Growing up, I was an active kid—but that doesn’t mean I was healthy. I wasn’t necessarily obese, but I was what I’d call thick, which made me seriously struggle with body image. I’d eat traditional southern cornbread and drink sweet tea (and opting for fast food in between), but I felt like my lifestyle worked

Beautiful in the bedroom: tips fr the skin and hair

The night has enormous potential füour Schöbeauty: Wäwhile we sleep, it regenerates the Köbody. With these care tips köyou can use the night f&uuml rest ideal;r skin and hair use Our tips für the näsignificant Schöbeauty care to leave you in the morning with a beam L&auml ends;smile Wake up Who is rested, has a

Healthy Lifestyle Makes for a Healthy Heart During Menopause

FRIDAY, Nov. 30, 2018 — Women who live a healthy lifestyle during the transition to menopause may help keep their blood vessels healthy as they age, a new study suggests. Compared with women who had the least healthy lifestyle, those who led the healthiest lifestyle had less thickening and buildup of fatty plaque in their

UN: Polio remains global emergency, eradication at risk

The World Health Organization says the ongoing attempt to eradicate polio remains a global emergency amid an increase in cases for the first time in years and a worrying number of outbreaks sparked by the vaccine. After an expert meeting convened by the U.N. health agency this week, experts said Friday that failing to wipe

Towards a treatment for gluten intolerance

Celiac disease is a severe autoimmune disorder of the intestine. It occurs when people develop sensitivity to gluten, a substance found in wheat, rye, and barley. An international research team from Italy and France has now uncovered a new molecular player in the development of gluten intolerance. Their discovery, published in the EMBO Journal, suggests

Monitoring movement reflects efficacy of mandibular splint

(HealthDay)—For individuals with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treated with an optimally titrated mandibular advancement splint, normalization of the respiratory effort index derived from vertical mandibular movements (MM-REI) reflects the efficacy of the appliance, according to a study published online Nov. 6 in Chest. Jean-Benoit Martinot, M.D., from the CHU UCL Namur Site Sainte-Elisabeth in Belgium,

Everything You Need To Know About Vegetarian Meat Subsitutes

There’s a number of reasons people say goodbye to meat—environmental impact, health, or the cringe-worthy concept of eating a cute little animal. But just because someone goes veg, doesn’t mean they’ve lost a taste for juicy burgers or bacon (because, OMG those are delish.) The good news: Vegan and vegetarian meat alternatives have come a

Women Prefer Sleeping With Their Dogs Over Partners, Study Says

While the story remained the same, the victim in the report was changed to either a one-year-old child, a 30-year-old adult, a puppy or a six-year-old dog. “Age makes a difference for empathy toward human victims, but not for dog victims,” the study’s notes read. “In addition, female participants were significantly more empathic toward all