Crepes with Mediterranean potato filling

Ingredients for 4 crepes For the crepes 100 g of wholemeal spelt flour 30 g of chestnut flour 200 ml of soy drink 100 ml of water Peanut oil – for Frying ½ TSP crystal salt For the filling 400 g potatoes, mealy – peel, wash, and a 1.5-cm cubes 100 g arugula 25 g

Biggest ever map of human Alzheimer’s brain published

A study of the differences between healthy brains and those with Alzheimer’s Disease has produced largest dataset of its type ever. And the data, developed by a team of researchers led by Dr. Richard Unwin at The University of Manchester, is now freely available online for any scientist to use. The team included researchers from

Bloody show: What it means and what to expect

Vaginal discharge is a common symptom throughout pregnancy. Fluctuations in a woman’s hormone levels can cause changes in the consistency, amount, and appearance of vaginal discharge. Women should monitor their vaginal discharge throughout their pregnancy. This is especially important during the last few weeks before their due date. Not only is bloody show a normal

A gut feeling for mental health

The first population-level study on the link between gut bacteria and mental health identifies specific gut bacteria linked to depression and provides evidence that a wide range of gut bacteria can produce neuroactive compounds. Jeroen Raes (VIB-KU Leuven) and his team published these results today in the scientific journal Nature Microbiology. In their manuscript entitled

Electrical activity in prostate cancer cells

Experts from the Universities of Bath and Seville have carried out a series of experiments by which, for the first time, they have characterized the normal electrical activity in PC-3 prostate cancer cells in real time, with a resulting low-frequency electrical pattern between 0.1 and 10 Hertz. “We have observed that this electrical activity evolves

Wait, There's Corn Syrup in Beer? Is That Bad?

The 2019 Super Bowl left us all with many questions. Where did the Rams’ offense go? Is Tom Brady actually the world’s first high-functioning robot? Maroon 5 is still a thing? Why did I eat so much guacamole? And, if you were watching the commercials, Bud Light raised an interesting query: Wait, there’s corn syrup

Does the time of year really impact your mood?

When daylight saving time ends in late fall, it is common to start experiencing an onset of mild depressive feelings and tendencies, often coined as “winter blues.” Energy levels seem to decrease with the temperature drop, people tend to feel more tired and sluggish, and there is an element of dread that occurs when one’s

Kitchen Garden: I just called to say I clove you

The Department of Broccoli is an inspired name for a venture developed last year at Canberra City Farm by Evan Turnbull and Katie Mills of Hughes. They appeared in a Kitchen Garden column in May 2017, when Evan was making blocks of frozen pesto from a huge crop of basil and Creole Long Storers garlic

Fasting boosts metabolism and fights aging

Studies have shown that intermittent fasting can help certain people lose weight. Although researchers are still debating exactly how effective fasting can be for weight loss, new research hints at other benefits. In rats, for instance, studies show that fasting can increase lifespan. Although exciting, evidence of this in humans has yet to be seen.

Black salsify Ragout with baked potato wedges

Ingredients for 2 servings For the black salsify Ragout 450 g salsify – with gloves on, peel and directly into cold water with the juice of half a lemon ½ Lemon – ¼ TSP of abrasion and squeeze 200 ml of almond drink 100 ml vegetable broth 1 TBSP Tamari (or soy sauce) 1 TSP