Beautiful in the bedroom: tips fr the skin and hair

The night has enormous potential füour Schöbeauty: Wäwhile we sleep, it regenerates the Köbody. With these care tips köyou can use the night f&uuml rest ideal;r skin and hair use

Our tips für the näsignificant Schöbeauty care to leave you in the morning with a beam L&auml ends;smile Wake up

Who is rested, has a more attractive – no matter what age. However, sleep is as Schöintegrity means unterschätzt. Because in the course of our increasingly digitalized everyday life räwe are the trees of the näconsiderable recovery in less time. The result: müthe head and müde skin. Studies even show that there is a connection between lack of sleep and früMr wrinkle.

Schließthe Aufr&auml run at night;fashion in our organism. Cells die off, new ones grow. And Umweltschäthe, for example, by the sun or Kälte, be eliminated. A adäadequate night nursing can help, because at night the skin is particularly receptive für Beauty active ingredients. The best expert tips für the Schöbeauty sleep gibt’s here.

Is wäwhile sleeping, a special night cream nötig?

"Although köcan moisturizing 24-hour care creams without light protection , a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin bewirken", Dr. Daniela Wiebels, a dermatologist from Hamburg says. In night creams have active ingredients, but more concentrated.

The Bedüneeds of the skin: "Thermal spring water soothes irritation, Hyaluronsäure is similar to FeuchtigkeitsmäEngel, Antioxi­danzien as ­Resveratrol gläsmooth fine lines, Algen­extracts and sea mud stäenhance the Bindegewebe", Wiebels says.

In the best case, day and night care based on high-quality Pflanzenölen. You should außbesides, the ­Vitamins C and E ­­contain, Anti­oxidants such as pine bark extract to protect the cells and hautäsimilar substances for the repair of the skin barrier.

Before the night’s rest the skin gr&uuml must;of course to be cleaned

Who unwashed to bed fällt, risked Rölines, pimples, and itching caused by sebum, dirt and traces of Make-up. Cleansing milk and Tonic without alcohol are ideal für dry skin. Für normal and combination skin, we recommend Wiebels mild cleansing foam or cleansing gel plus alcohol-free Tonic.

It needs to go quickly, enough, exceptionally, a cotton pad with micellar lotion trärestrict the face and eye area rubbing gently. Healthy, not entzüultra-sensitive skin, you may twice per week, exfoliate, sensitive skin is best with an enzyme Peeling.  

"In the morning, you should be the face of Schweiß and tallow of the night to clean", Janet Gebelhoff, a cosmetician in a pharmacy in Hagen says. Ölige skin types should dafür as in the evening, a mild cleansing gel. "Be überschüvinegars fat removed, the skin flora is optimized. This reduces blemishes and prevents new Entzündungen vor", erklärt Wiebels. Für other types of skin enough warm water.

Balanced head skin care für healthy hair

A healthy Kopfhaut föpromotes kräftiges hair. Hästage wash your hair and heiße Föhnluft dry it. The aging process will deteriorate the blood circulation and the Nänutrient supply to the hair papillae. Help non-greasy scalp-fluid-and -Tonics with ätherischem orange or Lavendelöl: you föpromote the micro-circulation.  

Is the scalp tend to dry, bring Haaröle with Zedernöl and rückfettende scalp treatments the skin back into balance, for example, with Traubenkernöl or willow bark extract. Itches and desquamates the scalp due to Styling products or harsh Shampoos, help entzündungs­- inflammatory tinctures with zinc, Panthenol and Vitamin B3.

Also für strukturgeschädamaged hair there are suitable for day and night care with Karité-Öl and keratin care with soy and ­Wheat proteins. Beautician Janet Gebelhoff recommends hair treatments only in the Haarlängen to distribute and näthe next Morning with a mild Shampoo grühourly auszuspülen.  

Fruchtsäacid and Vitamin A unterstüappreciate Verjüngungsprozesse

The näconsiderable Verjüngungsprozesse the skin with Anti-wrinkle active ingredients such as Frucht­säacids and Vitamin A ­(Retinol). "These creams or treatments to Refine the pores, reduce the depth of wrinkles and pigment spots verblassen", Janet Gebelhoff says.  

Fruchtsäurecreme könne, the formation of the cells and activate the collagen formation stimulate, Hautärztin Wiebels. Vitamin A is not only regarded as effek­tive Anti-Aging ingredient. It can also help to ­Acne scars soften. A good Alternative are creams with retinoic aldehyde.

"Both köhowever, in the case of häsingle-stage application has dandruff, itching and ­Rösightings verursachen", warns Wiebels. The accelerated cell renewal, make the skin also licht­sensitive. Tagsüber, you should therefore, especially on Sunny days, SPF 50 sch&uuml rich;support.

Tips for an effective beauty sleep

With puffy eyes you woke up? Then your body had the night not enough time to recover. Long-term lack of sleep causes a restless skin. Who slumbers much, counteracts the. These tips will help additionally:

Three hours before going to Sleep nothing to eat. The Köthe body remains as time für the digestion. Ideal for dinner are Eiweiß (for example, fish, Egg, Tofu) and gedünstetes Gemüse. You skimp on carbohydrates, and fat.

Well k&ouml recover;you can only when the core temperature of your Köbody decreases. One of the best in kümiss Rätrees at 17 to 19 degrees with a light duvet.

Turn on two hours before going to sleep s&auml go;all of the screens with blue Licht  from (Laptop, Smartphone, TV). Only then will the K&ouml comes;the body slowly into the sleep mode, schüresolved by the sleep hormone ­Melatonin, and you will allmäugly müde.

The skin at night möas possible not due to rough bed can irritate, but Wäash from the cotton Satin or silk.

Beds in the services of the Schöbeauty heißt: möas far as possible on the Rüpress sleep. In Seitenschläremote it may be, that üabout night on the face and Dekolleté slight crumple creases to form.

In the morning, a boost to a glass of warm water digestion. The unterstüsupports the Köbody, metabolic products to be eliminated. The result: you füfeel fresh and recovered.

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