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Most patients with cystic fibrosis may receive insufficient antibiotics to fight lung infections

The majority of patients with cystic fibrosis may not achieve blood concentrations of antibiotics sufficiently high enough to effectively fight bacteria responsible for pulmonary exacerbations, leading to worsening pulmonary function, indicates a study led by researchers at Children’s National Health System. Additionally, the study findings show that it’s impossible to predict solely from dosing regimens

Operations become life-threatening due to resistance to antibiotics

Common operations including caesarean sections and hip replacements could become LETHAL due to growing resistance to antibiotics, health officials warn Public Health England said cases of antibiotic-resistant blood infections on rise Crisis is getting worse amid growing concerns that drugs are losing their power Figures revealed there were 16,504 cases where antibiotics didn’t work last

Side effects of antibiotics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adverse reactions to antibiotics are responsible for 1 in 5 medication-related emergency room visits. People should always talk with a doctor if antibiotics cause bothersome symptoms. Call 911 and immediately stop taking antibiotics if side effects are severe or interfere with breathing. Common side effects

Scientists find that common dietary elements cure lethal infections, eliminating the need for antibiotics

Antibiotic use is driving an epidemic of antibiotic resistance, as more susceptible bacteria are killed but more resilient strains live on and multiply with abandon. But if antibiotics aren’t the end-all solution for infectious disease, what is? Salk Institute researchers report that giving mice dietary iron supplements enabled them to survive a normally lethal bacterial

10 Ways to Reduce the Misery of a Sinus Infection

If you’ve suffered a sinus infection, you probably want to do whatever you can to avoid suffering from it again. Symptoms are worse than those of a cold, and often make it difficult to go to work or complete your usual daily activities. When you do feel that telltale stuffed nose and headache, though, it