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Vaccine myths: 9 facts about vaccines everyone should know

It’s a daily routine for pediatricians: Promise a lollipop or sticker to a 4-year-old child in return for giving them a shot. Then, watch as they melt down and their parents chase them around the clinic. Even if the child doesn’t want it, the aforementioned scenario is not usually one that stops parents from vaccinating

Postcode lottery… for seeing your doctor!

The postcode lottery of seeing your GP: Shocking map reveals the 10 areas of England where most patients are waiting over TWO weeks for an appointment More than a quarter of patients in Swindon CCG waited two weeks to see a GP  In contrast, the figure was just 7.55% in Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley CCG

Explaining Trump’s talk of ‘late-term abortions’

President Donald Trump brought up “late-term abortions” during the 2019 State of the Union, and it’s left doctors scratching their heads. Interested in Donald Trump? “As a board-certified Ob-Gyn, I wish people understood that the term ‘late-term abortion’ is not remotely a medical term. In fact, even Ob-Gyns don’t know what people are referring to

Spots on tongue: Causes and when to see a doctor

In this article, we look at what healthy spots on the tongue do, and the causes of unusual spots. We also cover diagnosis, treatment, and prevention tips. Healthy tongue spots There are four kinds of healthy spots or bumps that typically appear on the tongue. The medical term for these spots is papillae. Fungiform papillae

The robot doctor will see you now

Can’t imagine telling your symptoms to a robot doctor and then following its advice? Britain’s National Health Service is trialling a chatbot that gives advice on how urgent your condition might be. If the chatbot decides you’re sick enough, it might put you through to a virtual doctor via your smartphone video. Wait time only

Women with heart problems less likely to die under female doctor

Women suffering heart problems are less likely to die if they see a female doctor, study finds Male doctors are more likely to miss danger signs in women who are admitted Women have harder-to-interpret heart attack symptoms compared to men  More women died under male doctors than they did with under female  Women who have heart attacks

Love Island cot death warning from a doctor

Love Island cot death warning: Doctor left aghast after contestants smother their ‘newborns’ with blankets (and another star sends his baby flying out of its pushchair) Last night’s episode saw contestants take part in a task to care for robotic babies When it came to bedtime, the ‘babies’ were loosely covered in blankets This is

Wait, just a second, is your doctor listening?

On average, patients get about 11 seconds to explain the reasons for their visit before they are interrupted by their doctors. Also, only one in three doctors provides their patients with adequate opportunity to describe their situation. The pressure to rush consultations affects specialists more than primary care doctors says Naykky Singh Ospina of the

Could you be diagnosed by Dr Alexa?

Diagnosed by Dr Alexa: Smart speakers will be joined to the NHS website under new plans to create a virtual doctor with expert-checked advice The NHS Choices website will join up with Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock will give his first speech today The partnership will ensure people have