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Boy, five, with ‘butterfly skin’ suffers ‘third-degree burns’

Boy, five, with ‘butterfly skin’ suffers ‘third-degree burns that require morphine every time he bumps his skin’ Jamie Cockeram has recessive epidermolysis dystrophic bullosa Slightest graze leaves him with ‘deep wounds likened to third degree burns’ Pain means he is dependent on morphine and a wheelchair to get about  A five-year-old boy with ‘butterfly skin’ suffers ‘third-degree

Five animals that could help us beat human diseases

As humans, we may feel rather lucky about our evolutionary lot. We live longer than many other animals, and lifespans continue to increase thanks to better diets, advances in medicine and improved public health. But our quest to beat aging and the diseases that come with aging continues. Osteoarthritis rates, for example, have doubled since

Five things you didn’t know about psychopaths

In the hit BBC TV show, Killing Eve, Villanelle, a psychopathic assassin, tells Eve, a security service operative, “You should never call a psychopath a psychopath. It upsets them.” She then pouts her lip in an imitation of someone feeling upset. Most people think they know what a psychopath is: someone who has no feelings.

Five signs of depression in teens

It’s no secret that teenagers can be moody, but research shows that ongoing moodiness often is far more serious. Dr. Janna Gewirtz O’Brien, a Mayo Clinic pediatrician, says teen depression is much more common than most people realize. “This is something that affects teenagers of all walks of life, of all backgrounds, and actually of

Five Reasons You're Gaining Belly Fat

Belly fat is bad news, and not just because you’d like to show off flatter abs at the beach. More and more research is suggesting that waist size is a bigger risk factor for serious diseases than your overall body fat percentage. The main culprit: Visceral fat, the kind that’s found deep within your abdomen

Five ways to keep that lost weight gone for good

(HealthDay)—Losing weight and keeping it off comes down to making permanent changes in the way you eat. Although many eating habits are formed in childhood, it’s never too late to improve. But you’ll need to reinforce them until they become second nature. One high-tech way is with diet apps that send you motivational text messages

Shocking number of people who die from smoking REVEALED

ONE person dies every FIVE seconds from smoking, reveals scientist Scientist has revealed that a person dies every 5 seconds because of smoking Shocking statistics revealed as part of a talk on diseases related to breathing Three million died people due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2016  The respiratory disease is expected to become

This girl’s family desperately need a blood door

Bruises on a five-year-old girl’s legs that have turned into a race against time to beat cancer: She has 2 months to find a stem cell donor but her parents fear they won’t because she is Asian Kaiya Patel, five, has a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia Unexplained bruises appeared on Kaiya’s legs but