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New York outbreaks drive US measles count up to 626

Outbreaks in New York state continue to drive up the number of U.S. measles cases, which are approaching levels not seen in 25 years. Health officials say 71 more cases were reported last week, with 68 of them from New York. That brings this years total to 626. That is already the most since 2014,

Which is the good oil? Health star ratings fight

Public health experts and Woolworths oppose a change to the health star ratings that would signal olive oil was not as healthy as canola and sunflower oils. The health star ratings, the government-backed system that assigns food a health score out of five to guide consumers to make healthier choices, are not currently displayed on

Labeling confusion: the Nutri-Score remedy

The nutrition labeling of food products has consumer advocates and politicians. With a single Label, we should recognize in the future at a glance, how healthy our food is. Scale, traffic light or Nutri-Score – which is the best model for the consumer? Consumers want to see in the future, directly on the packaging how

Population health: A rapidly evolving discipline in US academic medicine

Leaders from department-level initiatives across the U.S. weigh in on how academic medicine is embracing population health and the opportunities med schools have to make an impact, according to a new analysis published in JAMA Network Open. Produced by a working group of chairs from nine population-focused medical school departments, the qualitative study reviewed areas

Teenagers are being turned away by the NHS, officials warn

Teenagers with mental health conditions are being turned away by the NHS unless they have tried suicide, officials warn Anne Longfield said clinics were struggling to cope with epidemic of self-harm Her research found a third of health trusts cut children’s mental health funding She said that they are being turned away by the NHS