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Raisins and sultanas: This is the difference

Raisins and sultanas: This is the difference: In the recipe for the biscuits, raisins are listed. In the supermarket you ask yourself whether you could not also take advantage of sultanas. Where is the difference? There is one at all? Or the color is just different? What is healthier? Or is both not too sweet?

Organ transplants, but only for the financially healthy

This story is from Kaiser Health News When Patrick Mannion heard about the Michigan woman denied a heart transplant because she couldn’t afford the anti-rejection drugs, he knew what she was up against. On social media posts of a letter that went viral last month, Hedda Martin, 60, of Grand Rapids, was informed that she

Being employed puts your health at risk

The modern workplace has undergone a transformation as workers move away from traditional industrial sectors, such as agriculture and manufacturing, into the service sector. This has resulted in the incorporation of new occupational risk factors. Regardless of the environment, work provides a unique opportunity for exposure to hazards and risk that the public will not

That’s why diet coke is not better for your health than normal coke

Who loves Cola, Fanta and Sprite, but on his weight, pays attention, uses mostly sugar-free Alternative. US-experts now warn, however: Even the Light versions could increase the risk for Obesity, Diabetes and other diseases. Sugar-free, low-calorie Soft Drinks are becoming increasingly popular. They call themselves light, zero, diet or sugarfree. Manufacturers advertise that these drinks

How dangerous is a marathon is run?

You pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to race of only 42 kilometers: marathon number of years in the Trend, especially in the case of recreational athletes. However, a lot of track under-estimate the risks in the long run, Doctors warn. Now a study provides an indication of how much a Marathon is a burden

Tailored lifestyle feedback during colorectal cancer screening improved health behaviors

A program that provided individually tailored lifestyle recommendations for patients undergoing screening for colorectal cancer helped encourage healthy behavior, according to results published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. “It is well known that a healthy lifestyle decreases the risk of colorectal cancer,” said the study’s

Physician claims: cereals and popular vegetables make us sick

Grains and vegetables, protect plants against predators and diseases with special substances. For the human digestive system, they are inappropriate and make us sick, says a US nutritional medicine. He has to be right? People who eat daily vegetables, fruit and whole-grain products, eat very healthy, so the General opinion was – and is thus

To determine your Body Mass Index

With the BMI calculator, you can check whether your body weight is in the normal range. The world health organization (WHO) divides the BMI values of adults, roughly, into different weight classes. BMI table (classification according to the WHO) Category BMI Under weight less than 18.5 Normal weight 18,5 – 24,9 Overweight 25 – 29,9

Dispelled the most popular myths about the dangers of microwaves

Today, they are visible in nearly every kitchen, so we have grown to be familiar with warming our breakfast without needing whether stove or perhaps a fry pan. This really is convenient, what is dangerous microwave? You most likely needed to learn about the risks of microwaves: about harmful radiation, about how exactly helpful products

Why bigotry is a public health problem

Over a decade ago, I wrote a piece for a psychiatric journal entitled “Is Bigotry a Mental Illness?” At the time, some psychiatrists were advocating making “pathological bigotry” or pathological bias – essentially, bias so extreme it interferes with daily function and reaches near-delusional proportions – an official psychiatric diagnosis. For a variety of medical

CDC warns not to eat romaine lettuce amid new E. coli outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning consumers not to eat romaine lettuce as officials investigate a new outbreak of E. coli. The outbreak has sickened at least 32 people from 11 states, including 13 who needed to be hospitalized. “CDC is advising that U.S. consumers not eat any romaine lettuce, and retailers