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Trump order seeks disclosure of hospital prices

President Donald Trump will sign an executive order Monday that calls for upfront disclosure by hospitals of actual prices for common tests and procedures to help keep costs down, administration officials said. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told reporters the idea is to give patients practical information that they can use to keep

Children’s hospital drops gender markers from patient wristbands

Gender markers on the wristbands of patients of The Children’s Hospital of Colorado have been removed.  (Google) The Children’s Hospital of Colorado has removed gender markers from patients’ wristbands as part of an effort to support their "unique gender identity." The hospital said its staff understands that it’s "not easy growing up with an expansive gender

Jet-air dryers should not be used in hospital toilets

Jet-air hand dryers in hospital toilets spread more germs than disposable paper towels and should not be used, say researchers. Writing in the Journal of Hospital Infection, they argue that the official guidance about how to prevent bacterial contamination in hospital buildings needs to be strengthened. At the moment, the official Department of Health guidance

Hospital rating tools should allow patients to customize rankings

Publicly available hospital ratings and rankings should be modified to allow quality measures to be prioritized according to the needs and preferences of individual patients, according to a new RAND Corporation analysis. Writing in the Aug. 30 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers propose a new way of rating hospitals by creating

Home-delivered meals keep heart failure patients out of hospital

The delivery of personalized, low-sodium meals to the homes of heart failure patients just out of the hospital has the potential to help them avoid rehospitalization in the days ahead, a new study shows. Poor nutrition and excessive sodium consumption are common among patients with heart failure and are thought to contribute to their hospitalizations.

This Hospital Superbug Can Now Withstand Hand Sanitizer

At hospitals around the world, staff dutifully slather on hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of infections. But now, at least one type of bacteria in hospitals appears to be growing more tolerant to alcohol-based hand sanitizers, a new study from Australia suggests. The study focused on a bacterium called Enterococcus faecium, which is already

Why Avocados Are Sending People To Hospital

Our favourite toast topping just can’t catch a break at the moment. First, avocados were blamed for the current housing affordability crisis and now they stand accused of becoming a health hazard. Surgeons have reportedly referred to this phenomenon as ‘avocado hand’ – when a patient presents with deep lacerations thanks to an unsuccessful attempt