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This Man Lost 185 Pounds By Falling in Love With Cooking

Patrick Eslick remembers the first time someone made a “comment” about his weight. It was in the second grade. Things got worse during his teenage years, not only because of his growing size, but also the realization that he was gay. Eslick started shying away from the physical activities other boys were participating in (football,

Adorable Thanksgiving-Themed Crafts Your Little Turkeys Will Love

‘Tis the season of crunchy fall leaves, PSLs, and never-ending to-do lists! Yes, as much as we love warming our hearts (and bellies!) during Thanksgiving, the holiday can be downright stressful among the grocery shopping, meal planning and decorating. (Not to mention all the mental and emotional preparation required before seeing that uncle. You know

Love Island cot death warning from a doctor

Love Island cot death warning: Doctor left aghast after contestants smother their ‘newborns’ with blankets (and another star sends his baby flying out of its pushchair) Last night’s episode saw contestants take part in a task to care for robotic babies When it came to bedtime, the ‘babies’ were loosely covered in blankets This is

Gorgeous Islamic baby names you’ll fall in love with

Finding a good name for your baby is no small task: if there are no immediate or obvious people you’d like to name them after, selecting a solid name can be a daunting process! Luckily, history provides many wonderful options to choose from — and, if you want to venture beyond traditional Euro-centric names with lots

Fall in Love With the Family Bed

If there’s one parenting choice that’s guaranteed to polarize, it’s co-sleeping. I’ve experienced the backlash against sharing a bed with my baby firsthand. "But you’re harming your baby!" exclaimed one friend — who swiftly became a former friend — when I casually mentioned over dinner that my healthy, happy 3-month-old bedded in with us every

Adorable Italian baby names you’ll love

Italy is a magical place. Between the food, the language, and the culture, it’s a dream destination for many travelers. The country has a lot to offer, not the least of which is its gorgeous names. Maybe it’s the lyrical quality that they tend to have, or just the romance of the country lending itself