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Making the Most of a Well-Woman Checkup

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 2, 2019 — Don’t wait until you get sick to see a doctor — wellness visits for women can catch problems before they become serious, as well as make sure you’re taking all the right steps for good health. A well-woman checkup focuses on preventive care. It may include immunizations, screenings to check

'We wouldn't be making jokes about heart disease'

A 20-something sees a meme on Facebook, chuckles, and tags their friend. "Can't have seasonal depression if you're depressed all year 'round," the meme's text reads. Over the past few years, changes in the Facebook algorithm have led to feeds of most young people being taken over by memes commented on or "liked" by their

Even toddlers weigh risks, rewards when making choices

Every day, adults conduct cost-benefit analyses in some form for decisions large and small, economic and personal: Bring a lunch or go out? Buy or rent? Remain single or start a family? All are balances of risk and reward. According to psychologists, infants weigh risks and rewards, too, but appear to boil down their decision-making

Making chemotherapy kinder for childhood leukaemia

Chemotherapy often gets a bad reputation – mainly down to the side effects it can cause. This bad reputation can be hard to shake off. And it often stops people hearing the vast improvements that have been made in how chemotherapy is used. I can remember first learning about chemotherapy in my undergraduate pharmacology degree.

Making sense, pictures of medical data

A woman goes to the doctor for a mammogram. The result comes back positive. “This doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer, false positives are common,” her doctor might say. Maybe the patient is also given a pamphlet with some statistics about mortality and survival rates. But the test did come back “positive,” the patient thinks,

Making MRI scans safer for kids

When it comes to medical imaging, pediatric radiologist and biomedical engineer Shreyas Vasanawala knows that kids aren’t the same as adults. Vasanawala, MD, Ph.D., professor of radiology at the School of Medicine, has spent the last 10 years studying how to improve magnetic resonance imaging scans for his smallest, wiggliest patients. Now, he’s putting his

Why Your Coffee Machine Could Be Making You Sick

A study published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology has identified coffee machines as one of a number of factors that could increase our exposure to fungal toxins in the home. “Coffee makers are just an example of a machine that may release steam indoors and increase the water and humidity that may help

6 Meal-Prep Mistakes That Are Making You Gain Weight

If you’ve just hopped on the weight-loss train, your first stop is probably Meal Prep Ville, population: all of Instagram. People who are obsessed with their mason jars, salad stacking, and slow cookers will tell you that making their breakfasts, lunches, and dinners ahead of time has changed their lives and their bodies—for the better.

7 Signs You're Making Weight Loss Harder Than It Needs to Be

No matter how you slice it, weight loss isn’t easy. But unless you have an underlying physical condition like hypothyroidism that impairs your ability to shed pounds, it doesn’t have to feel exhausting, next-to-impossible, or mind-numbingly frustrating. Trust us. Here are seven common signs you’re making it harder on yourself to slim down. 1. You’re

The Foods That Are Secretly Making You Super Bloated

When it comes to bloating, some foods are obvious culprits. We all know that a salty bowl of ramen or a bean burrito will have our stomachs sticking out faster than you can say food baby. But what about those times when you feel like you’re eating healthy—yet you’re still retaining every drop of water