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Baby names no one will use in 2020

Baby names can be hard to choose, especially in 2020. Whether or not you have kids or are planning on it at some point, you likely have a few baby name ideas in your head that you’re drawn to or put off by. Maybe you think it’ll be cool to name your baby after a

Gorgeous Islamic baby names you’ll fall in love with

Finding a good name for your baby is no small task: if there are no immediate or obvious people you’d like to name them after, selecting a solid name can be a daunting process! Luckily, history provides many wonderful options to choose from — and, if you want to venture beyond traditional Euro-centric names with lots

Common middle names that deserve to be first names

There’s no question that one of the first big challenges new parents face is naming their little bundle of joy. Not only do new parents have to choose the perfect first name for their little one, they’re also tasked with choosing a fitting middle name that will perfectly compliment both the first and last name

These Genderless Baby Names Will Be The Next Big Thing

Unisex baby names are nothing new, with Cameron and Charlie showing up in the ‘most popular baby names’ lists almost every year. However, there’s a trendy new crop of genderless monikers increasing in popularity over the past 12 months.  According to online name database Nameberry, Quincy is the fastest growing unisex name in 2017. Interested to

These Are The Most Popular Pet Names

We’re used to seeing these kind of compilations for humans but what if you need some name inspiration for your fur baby? Rent.com.au recently launched a feature called Pet Resume, which allows renters to create a CV for their pets to make a case for animal ownership in rental properties. Analysing the data from 30,000

Rare baby names that became popular overnight

We’ve all heard of iconically popular names (like Peter, Jessica, etc.) becoming, well, even more popular overnight. And even rare celebrity baby names have been known to rise suddenly to the top of the charts after they debut. But how does one explain truly rare baby names that have suddenly started soaring in usage, with

Adorable Italian baby names you’ll love

Italy is a magical place. Between the food, the language, and the culture, it’s a dream destination for many travelers. The country has a lot to offer, not the least of which is its gorgeous names. Maybe it’s the lyrical quality that they tend to have, or just the romance of the country lending itself

Shakespearean baby names that will melt your heart

“What’s in a name?” William Shakespeare famously wrote in his play Romeo and Juliet. A whole lot, it turns out — at least if you’re looking at the names Shakespeare used in his plays. Widely considered to be the greatest playwright in history, Shakespeare’s works are wildly celebrated even today, more than four centuries since

Baby nicknames that make even better names

While long, stately names certainly carry a certain amount of clout, they’re also a lot to saddle a baby with. You’re probably not going to call an infant by a long-winded moniker like Alexander or Samantha anyway, and are most likely going opt for shorter variations like Alex and Sam. So why bother giving your