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Only the tip of the iceberg: Germany threaten new disease waves

Many viruses have been recognized to be a fatal triumph to the world. Tropical pathogens, such as the Zika Virus appears, increasingly, to Europe, among other things, because the transmitting mosquitoes spread increased. Germany, too, new disease waves threaten to completely. Exotic pathogens spread increasingly also in Europe. Currently, French authorities have reported two first,

Julie Andrews Says Therapy 'Saved My Life'

Anyone can benefit from therapy — even cheerful, umbrella-wielding nannies. Julie Andrews says that going to therapy was life-saving after she split from her first husband in 1967. At the time, the Mary Poppins star was struggling to clear her head, and the late director Mike Nichols suggested she find a therapist. “Sadly, I separated

In five Federal States: the manufacturer recalls Salami

The producer Cesare Fiorucci S. p. a. informs about the recall of the article “Classic Salami Il Gusto d’Italia” and “Salametto Fiorucci”. The company announced that is missing on deer packing due to a printing error, the note on contained Milk allergens. The producer Cesare Fiorucci S. p. a. calls for consumers who are allergic