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High blood pressure: the blood pressure without medication

Why it’s worth it to hold out of good intentions in hypertension Eat healthier, reduce weight, exercise more and give up Smoking – this is probably the most common resolutions made for the new year. For many people it remains, however, when you Make. The implementation of these resolutions can lead to better health and

Lose weight with the scientifically proven 12-hour rule diet

Slimming by 12 hours of non-decreasing rule With the new 12-hour rule diet, it should be easier to excess pounds. With this diet, it’s not so much about what is eaten, but when. Scientists led by Dr. Satchidananda Panda from the Salk Institute in California examined very critically, whether the time formula actually works. The

Exercise makes even the ‘still overweight’ healthier: study

(HealthDay)—Heavyset folks who exercise regularly shouldn’t get discouraged if they can’t seem to shed more weight, no matter how hard they try. A new study suggests that their regular workouts are still contributing to better overall heart health, making them “fat but fit” and helping them live longer. People who are obese-but-fit have lower resting