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Dogs are the Carriers of a new and very dangerous virus

Study: New flu virus could be transmitted from dogs to people A long-term study suggests that two Influenza-mix strains and a new influenza virus can form, which is spread by dogs. The virus could be transmitted from animals to humans. A Novel Strain Of Influenza In the past year, was published in the journal “mBio”

Women Prefer Sleeping With Their Dogs Over Partners, Study Says

While the story remained the same, the victim in the report was changed to either a one-year-old child, a 30-year-old adult, a puppy or a six-year-old dog. “Age makes a difference for empathy toward human victims, but not for dog victims,” the study’s notes read. “In addition, female participants were significantly more empathic toward all

How Owning A Dog Can Help You Stay Healthy

Owning pooches can help people stay healthy. Several studies have concluded that there are many health benefits to owning a dog, particularly since pets now play a more significant role in their families’ lives. Recent studies have found a correlation between pets and the physical health of their owners. A study conducted by researchers at

16 Things You Can Catch From Your Pet

Dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters, and, for some people, even snakes and rats are often our best friends–and for good reason. Pet owners have lower blood pressure and less stress, and they exercise more, among other benefits. Kids who grow up with pets are actually less likely to end up with allergies. But pets can sometimes

Ouai Is Launching a Pet Shampoo for Dogs Who Are Fancy AF

As all pet parents know, your pet — your best friend, confidant, and creature you like more than most humans — deserves the best of everything, and that includes hair products (or rather, fur products). Thankfully, Ouai has got them covered. The Kardashians' longtime hairstylist and permanent Instagram fixture Jen Atkin is releasing a $28

Is there a link between your pets and your food choices?

People who grow up with a greater variety of pets are significantly more likely to follow a vegetarian diet as adults, according to research by a professor-student team in the University at Albany psychology department. Sydney Heiss, graduate student in the department of psychology, worked with assistant professor Julia Hormes to gain a better understanding