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Study finds WeChat program helps recovery of heart disease patients

Patients recovering from life-threatening coronary heart disease who received rehabilitation through WeChat experienced a better recovery than those having standard care, new Curtin University-led research has found. The research, published in The Lancet Digital Health, recruited 312 patients with coronary heart disease from a hospital in Shanghai, China, and measured the effectiveness of a smartphone-based

Gene therapy helps functional recovery after stroke

A new gene therapy turns glial cells—abundant support cells in the brain—into neurons, repairing damage that results from stroke and significantly improving motor function in mice. A paper describing the new therapy, which uses the NeuroD1 gene, appears online in the journal Molecular Therapy. Once further developed, this NeuroD1-based gene therapy could potentially be used

Goal-oriented rehab improves recovery in older adults

Goal-oriented, motivational physical and occupational therapy helps older patients recover more fully from broken hips, strokes and other ailments that land them in skilled nursing facilities for rehabilitation, according to new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Enhanced Medical Rehabilitation—an approach in which physical and occupational therapists work to engage patients

Georgia student credits God for surviving brain injury: ‘Medical science can't explain my recovery’

Cole Burton, a 21-year-old Auburn University student, has made a miraculous recovery that his doctors say can only be explained by God’s intervention. (WAGA) A 21-year-old Auburn University student who suffered a traumatic brain injury has made a miraculous recovery that medical professionals are crediting to God. "My doctors have told me medical science can't explain my

Why getting fit before an operation could speed-up your recovery

Prehab is the new rehab! Why getting fit before an operation could speed-up your recovery There are around 250,000 high-risk operations a year in England and Wales Experts believe patients who improve their fitness in advance would aid healing Currently, ‘prehab’ is only offered in select hospitals because it’s relatively new We get in shape

Bone graft: Uses, types, and recovery

In this article, learn about the uses of a bone graft, the different types, and the possible risks. What is a bone graft? A person may need a bone graft if their body is unable to produce enough new bone in certain situations. Bone grafts can help in the treatment of: fractures, especially if they

Post-stroke delivery of neurotrophic factor MANF promotes functional recovery in rats

Stroke is the most common cause of adult disability. This is due not only to the high incidence of stroke, but also because spontaneous recovery is often incomplete and no drugs are available that hasten recovery. Mesencephalic astrocyte-derived neurotrophic factor MANF is neuroprotective when administered before experimental stroke in rats. A massive immune response mediated

VIRGINIA IRONSIDE on the new partial knee replacements

‘Having BOTH knees done in the same op halved my recovery time’: Agony aunt VIRGINIA IRONSIDE on the new partial replacements that get you quickly back on your feet Virginia Ironside discusses the new partial replacements that get you quickly back on your feet What was it, six months ago, that prompted me to consult