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Why modest goals are so appealing

Thanks to a quirk in the way our brain evaluates goals, people feel it’s easier to achieve a small incremental goal than to maintain the status quo, when both goals are assessed in isolation. This is especially true if the context is seen as unfavourable. This finding, which contrasts with the popular belief that no

So, You Need a Breast Biopsy — Now What?

Pin Getting any sort of health-related testing can be nerve-wracking: Odds are that you’re fine, but you know there’s always a chance of getting bad news. Sometimes, though, the results aren’t straightforward. In other words, you might get a call letting you know you need further testing. This is especially common after a mammogram, when

So, you’ve run that race. Now what?

So, you've run The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac. But how do you avoid limping into work on Monday morning, or – worse – needing to stop by Prince of Wales hospital on your way home? The good news is you probably haven't messed up your chance of a solid recovery at this point. How to make sure

Carrie Bickmore’s Hilarious Story About Breastfeeding Is So Relatable

On Thursday night The Project panel tackled the subject of returning to the workplace soon after giving birth, and host Carrie Bickmore had some hilarious input.  The TV host explained how pumping breast milk at work—a common and natural process for women—led to some amusing encounters of her own. “I remember driving with Tim Blackwell, who works on Nova, to a

So This Is Why You're Gaining So Much Weight at Work

Can we get a big “ugh!” for the corporate lifestyle? Almost half of employees say they’ve put on weight at their present job, with women more likely than men to pile on the kilos. To help you achieve work-waist balance, we rounded up the most likely culprits—and the easiest solutions. Your Coworkers #1. The Junk-Food

Sandals So Comfortable You Can Wear Them All Day

Every year, as soon as the temperatures start rising and the sun comes out, so do the sandals. They’re cute and let you skip the step of putting socks on in the morning (bonus: less laundry) and are usually pretty versatile.  But sandals can also be extremely uncomfortable. All those buckles and straps and pieces