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Don’t Miss These Signs of Toxic Parenting

The parenting gig is tough, and there’s no one-size-fits all manual for how to do it; we all have to figure things out as we go along. So we do the best we can — and we all screw up at one point or another. That’s totally normal. The problem? When our screw-ups turn into

These Foods Will Help You Get Gorgeous Nails

Getting great-looking nails starts way before you break out the nail polish: You can improve the way yours look just by eating certain nutrient-rich foods. In fact, doctors often use nails as an indicator of overall health, says dermatologist Dendy Engelman, an assistant professor of dermatology at New York Medical College. Since your body sends

These 7 Foods Will Wake You Up Better Than Coffee

There are some days when you just can’t stop yawning, even after a full night’s rest. But coffee may not solve the problem, and it could actually make things worse—especially if you’re adding a bunch of fake sweetener to stay within your recommended sugar intake. Sure, you’ll feel energised for a while, but you’re going

These Are The Most Popular Pet Names

We’re used to seeing these kind of compilations for humans but what if you need some name inspiration for your fur baby? Rent.com.au recently launched a feature called Pet Resume, which allows renters to create a CV for their pets to make a case for animal ownership in rental properties. Analysing the data from 30,000