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Why modest goals are so appealing

Thanks to a quirk in the way our brain evaluates goals, people feel it’s easier to achieve a small incremental goal than to maintain the status quo, when both goals are assessed in isolation. This is especially true if the context is seen as unfavourable. This finding, which contrasts with the popular belief that no

Why healthcare data may be more secure with cloud computing

In the last few years, cloud computing has moved from an option for healthcare providers to, increasingly, a business necessity. By outsourcing data management to a cloud services company, hospitals can free up their own technical staff to do more work closer to their core competencies. “Microsoft coming along with a public cloud infrastructure, once

Psychopaths in business: Why sex matters

According to some media outlets, individuals who are successful in corporations are highly likely to have psychopathic traits. Specifically, they are thought to assert dominance over others, act impulsively, and lack empathy. In reality, studies that have looked into the relationship between psychopathy and success have reached less firm conclusions. There is no consensus of

Why the brain struggles to get off the sofa

About 30% of adults and 80% of teenagers today do not meet the minimum levels of daily physical activity for staying healthy, as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Previous studies have already demonstrated that there is a gap between the intention to play sport and actually playing it among individuals with a leaning

Why It's Important to Let Your Kid Fail

Standardized tests; extracurriculars; instilling a can-do, stick-with-it attitude — much of parenting trends’ focus in recent years has been on raising kids with drive and ambition: kids who will succeed. But the truth is that failure is inevitable along the road to success.  Are we giving our children the wrong message when we tell them

Why it’s hard for blacks to

Many Americans deeply believe that people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps. After all, individual responsibility is a core American value. Too much emphasis on an individual’s responsibility, however, may result in overlooking the societal and historically causes that keep racial minorities such as blacks at an economic and health disadvantage. As a member

Why does bass make you want to dance?

Music is almost universal. Every society on earth has music blended into its culture, and music, inevitably, brings dance. But why are we so driven to move our limbs, heads, and bodies to rhythmic sounds? A facet of music that often goes hand in hand with dancing is the heavy use of bass. Be it

Why most people follow routines

Former US president Barack Obama famously had a wardrobe full of identical suits. As a world leader, life presents more than enough big decisions – Obama’s reasoning was that it made sense to minimise the complexity of the small decisions. Artists are often thought of as rather different. Francis Bacon, for example, had a tempestuous

Why do women get more migraines?

Research published today reveals a potential mechanism for migraine causation which could explain why women get more migraines than men. The study, in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, suggests that sex hormones affect cells around the trigeminal nerve and connected blood vessels in the head, with estrogens—at their highest levels in women of reproductive age—being particularly

Why stretching is (still) important for weight loss and exercise

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the value – or lack thereof – of muscle stretching to accelerate recovery after exercise. “Stretching clears out your lactic acid,” and other similar claims abound. Is any of this true? Sort of. First, it is important to understand the difference between stretching for recovery and

Finding work a struggle in the heat? Scientists discover why

Warning to office managers during the heatwave: Scientists discover workers in offices without air conditioning are slower as soaring temperatures make it harder for the brain to work and affect memory Office workers may be finding work a struggle during the ongoing heatwave But that is not because they would rather be on the beach,

This Is Why You Keep Breaking Out In The Same Spot

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but according to a skin care diagnostic technique called facial mapping, the face is the window to understanding why your skin is breaking out in the same (or very similar) areas over and over again. Facial mapping uses the ancient practice of dividing the face into