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Alan Turing’s mathematical work could detect cancer faster

WWII codebreaker Alan Turing’s mathematical genius could create better detection tests for cancer and other fatal diseases, experts say Turing’s ‘weight of evidence’ theory may assist in better diagnostic tools  It could also personalise treatment to maximise a person’s chances of recovery Currently, modern-day testing relies on techniques developed in the mid 1980s  Alan Turing’s

Leave the job at work to ensure better health and sleep

Feeling tired, sluggish and sleep-deprived? The culprit could be work-creep, according to new research from the University of South Australia released today. An international study of 230 healthcare employees over two years reveals what many people have long suspected: continuing to work after hours – whether it’s emailing, checking phones, laptops and text messages –

Checking emails after work damages your health and relationships

Checking emails after work damages your health, your relationships Checking emails after work damages your health, your relationships AND your partner’s health, study finds Employees surveyed by Virginia Tech all had levels of anxiety that could be damaging to their health But few realized how severe it was – and none gauged that it left

New research suggests how stimulant treatments for ADHD work

Stimulant medications are an effective treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In the classroom, parents and teachers say that medications like methylphenidate (MPH) can reduce symptoms and improve behavior. Although stimulants have been in use for decades to treat ADHD in school-aged children, just how they work hasn’t been clear. But the results of a new

Magnesium for migraines: Does it work?

Magnesium is a natural mineral that helps keep blood pressure stable, promotes heart health, regulates nerve and muscle function, and builds bone, DNA, and protein. A lack of magnesium may also contribute to headaches and migraines. Some people use magnesium to treat and prevent migraine symptoms, including a severe headache, visual disturbances, sensitivity to light

Science-based diet tips that really work

(HealthDay)—There’s no shortage of good diet advice, but the following tips have scientific research to support them. For starters, take the advice to never go shopping hungry one step further by eating a piece of fruit before you go. Researchers found this encouraged people to buy 25 percent more produce. It’s always a good idea

Does osteopathy work?

Every year, Australian osteopaths provide around 3.9 million clinical consultations. Osteopathy is a manual therapy developed by US physician Andrew Still in the mid-1800s, and it’s recognised by the World Health Organisation as a traditional system of medicine. Osteopaths rely on manual contact with patients for both diagnosis and treatment and employ a wide variety

Finding work a struggle in the heat? Scientists discover why

Warning to office managers during the heatwave: Scientists discover workers in offices without air conditioning are slower as soaring temperatures make it harder for the brain to work and affect memory Office workers may be finding work a struggle during the ongoing heatwave But that is not because they would rather be on the beach,

Diabetes risk increased in women who work long hours

While prior research has suggested a link between a long work week and an increased risk of diabetes, most of these studies focused on men. Interestingly, this recent research seems to find the opposite effect in males: the longer the work week, the lower the incidence of diabetes. For women who work 45 hours per

How Getting Healthier Could Improve Your Career

Being a leader in the workplace is a highly rewarding experience provided you are healthy enough to manage your contribution, act with enthusiasm, achieve high levels of productivity and make the right decisions in a measured and calm manner. If you are not healthy enough, your performance as a leader is going to suffer on

Do Laser Treatments For Weight Loss Actually Work?

With every passing year, it seems there are more promising fat removal options than ever. If you’re looking for a quick fix, these treatments swear that they’ll suck, tuck, or freeze fat off of your body in a snap. And that all sounds great—in theory. The latest high-tech weight-loss tool promising to make losing fat

So This Is Why You're Gaining So Much Weight at Work

Can we get a big “ugh!” for the corporate lifestyle? Almost half of employees say they’ve put on weight at their present job, with women more likely than men to pile on the kilos. To help you achieve work-waist balance, we rounded up the most likely culprits—and the easiest solutions. Your Coworkers #1. The Junk-Food