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Attempting Veganuary? You need to try this celeriac, quinoa and raspberry salad

Fancy attempting Veganury this January? Well, then look no further than popular food blogger Madeline Shaw’s delicious honey roasted celeriac, quinoa and raspberries salad, a healthy and completely delicious plant-based dish.  MORE: This vegan sweet potato soup recipe has a surprising berry twist HONEY ROASTED CELERIAC, QUINOA AND RASPBERRIES Serves 2, Preparation time 15 minutes, Cooking

How to Get—and Stay—Motivated to Lose Weight

If the one thing that seems to be missing from your weight loss efforts is the motivation to get started on a plan or to stick with it, you might be surprised at how much control you have when it comes to this seemingly mysterious, fired-up feeling. While motivation seems like it comes and goes

Check Out These Wild Keto Hard-Boiled Egg Buns

A bacon, egg, and cheese just isn’t complete without a tasty roll—unless you’re on the high-fat ketogenic diet. In that case, you’ll have to look for alternatives that can hold all of the goods. Typically, people use lettuce in the place of bread, but the culinary geniuses at Kroger opted for a protein-packed alternative: hard-boiled