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Leave tablets, smartphones out of the bedroom for better sleep

(HealthDay)— Are tablets, smartphones and laptops robbing Americans of shut-eye? Absolutely, said researchers who found that the unending entertainments and the light the devices emit are a powerful, slumber-killing combo. The finding comes from a small analysis of nine otherwise healthy adults in their 20s. Their sleep was tracked after five straight nights of unrestricted

How boredom helped me find purpose in my life

I'm bored, I wrote. Bored of the endless stretching of featureless time, bored from the loneliness and the lack of mental stimulation. For a year, I had floundered in the sluggish dragging of time, working as a waitress to make ends meet, freelance writing (averagely) on the side, broke and desperately lonely, unsure of how

Turns Out SPF 100 Sunscreen Works Better Than SPF 50

Good news all of you fair-skinned beauties, there’s new evidence to suggest that a higher SPF actually does work. For years, science, or more accurately, the Food and Drug Administration, has been telling us that anything higher than SPF 50 was basically useless but a recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy

See what alcohol does to the heart

See what alcohol does to the heart: Shocking images show the difference between a healthy organ and that of a heavy drinker People with the condition alcoholic cardiomyopathy have enlarged hearts Out of 141 alcoholic cardiomyopathy patients, 13.5% carry a faulty gene Only one in 100 healthy people in the UK have this same mutation  The

Did a change in encryption models tie the hands of data centers?

In March, the Internet Engineering Task Force approved the Transport Layer Security version 1.3, the key function to enable HTTPS function on the web. On the surface, the new encryption model shores up network communications and provides substantially improved security features. As the new encryption model used to browse the internet, the TLS 1.3 standard

A look inside the buzziest diet of the summer

Move over, Mediterranean diet — there’s a new European eating plan in town. Much like its Mediterranean predecessor, the Nordic diet also emphasizes eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, but instead of olive oil, it incorporates canola oil (also known as rapeseed oil). The Nordic diet has its roots in the cuisines of Finland, Sweden,

Depression speeds up brain aging, find psychologists: Psychologists have found a link between depression and an acceleration of the rate at which the brain ages

Psychologists at the University of Sussex have found a link between depression and an acceleration of the rate at which the brain ages. Although scientists have previously reported that people with depression or anxiety have an increased risk of dementia in later life, this is the first study that provides comprehensive evidence for the effect

Your Crazy-Annoying Hiccups Could Be A Sign Of A Stroke

Strokes are like creaky joints, driving slow in the fast lane, and your dentures falling out, like, all the time—stuff only old people have to worry about…right? Definitely not—just because you have all your own teeth and know how to use Facebook properly doesn’t mean you’re safe from one of the most common heart and

Cancer cells co-opt pain-sensing ‘wasabi receptor’ to survive oxidative stress: Antioxidants and the TRPA1 channel protein complement each other to increase tumor survival

Anyone who’s taken a bite of a sandwich with too much spicy mustard or a piece of sushi with too much wasabi can attest to the tear-inducing sensation these condiments can cause. These loud warnings to the nervous system of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals are triggered by TRPA1, a calcium channel protein sometimes referred

Poll: How Much Do You Really Love Your Vagina?

Serious question: When’s the last time you thanked your vulva? What about your vagina? Let’s expand it to your reproductive organs as a whole—when was the last time you actually said “thank you”? If your answer was anything other than “uh, never?” you’re a bold-faced liar, because literally no one does that. But that’s not

Adolescents with hay fever have higher rates of anxiety and depression, lower resistance to stress

Although allergies affect more than 50 million Americans, they are occasionally misunderstood and can be seen as a minor condition. An article published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, the scientific journal of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) shows allergies can have serious, far-reaching consequences, especially on adolescent sufferers. “The

A big day for Ireland. A huge day for women

Abortion rights protesters held pictures of Savita Halappanavar as they marched through central Dublin last year, demanding Ireland’s government ensures abortions can be performed to save a woman’s life. Tonight, our time, Ireland will head to the polls in a groundbreaking referendum that could dramatically increase access to abortion for the country’s citizens. Ireland currently