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Jeannie Mai-Jenkins & Her Daughter Monaco Look Like a Holiday Card in This Ultra-Heartwarming & Scenic Snapshot

Jeannie Mai-Jenkins and her daughter Monaco’s newest snapshot together is as picture-perfect as it gets! On Dec 2, Mai-Jenkins shared one of the sweetest mother-daughter photos we’ve ever seen from the first-time mama. She posted the adorable holiday-themed photo with the caption, “Feeding Monaco is def the highlight of everyone’s day here at home. It’s

Famous Moms Who Use Weed to Help Them Handle It All

Being a mom means having to come up with a pretty big toolbox full of problem-solving skills, coping mechanisms, and self-care strategies. Everyone’s toolbox looks different, but for a growing number of moms cannabis takes up a slot. Since its legalization in many parts of the country, more and more moms are integrating marijuana into

These ‘Nickname’ Baby Names Are Adorable in Their Own Right

Long and elegant names are beautiful and all, but nickname baby names — i.e., baby names that are traditionally shortened versions of those aforementioned long, elegant names — are hot right now. After all, most people with long names end up using their nickname anyway, so why go through the inevitable confusion of essentially giving