A woman gives birth in a Chipotle parking lot, gets the baby shower of literally everyone's dreams

Once upon a time, a Denver couple met at a Chipotle. They hit it off, enjoyed a burrito, maybe a bowl. They likely exchanged stories about their experiences working at Chipotle. Soon enough, their relationship took them from food babies to having three real babies. But baby No. 4? They didn’t know it then, but this baby was about to bring their love story full circle.

Adrianna Alvarez would give birth to their baby boy in a Chipotle parking lot — and Chipotle would throw them a surprise baby shower.

We love this story so much. OK, here it goes…

“We were actually driving down this road to get to the hospital and we were getting really close to the street, and I told him we’re not going to make it, I feel like the baby is coming,” Alvarez told KDVR in Denver.

After the baby’s father, Saul Flores, called 911, the dispatcher, Angie Schell, advised the couple to pull over — in front of a Chipotle in Centennial, Colorado.

“We pulled into the Chipotle parking lot and — boom — the baby started coming,” Alvarez told Today.

Jaden Flores was born at 9:11 a.m. on April 10 — “a significant number to a 911 dispatcher; it was a nice coincidence,” Schell tells Today — and he will now be forever known as “the little Chipotle burrito baby,” Alvarez said.

Now, the couple wasn’t even trying to get their hands on a burrito that day, but Chipotle did the most anyway. As a surprise on May 7, they threw the parents and their little burrito the baby shower of literally everyone’s dreams. They even invited the extended Alvarez/Flores family and the 911 dispatchers and their families too!

The baby shower had it all: a cake and cupcakes with faux burritos of all sizes, the restaurant decked out in balloons and — the best part — a swaddle blanket that looked like a tortilla.

“When we heard that baby Jaden was born in our parking lot, and the amazing teamwork between the family and the dispatcher, we were excited to do something special to celebrate them all,” Chipotle PR and communications manager Quinn Kelsey said in a release. “We hope they enjoyed their Chipotle-themed baby shower as much as we enjoyed throwing it for them.”

Doesn’t this story just warm your heart? (And make you a little hungry?)

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