General Mills Just Crushed Kim Kardashian's Dunkaroo Dreams

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Yesterday, Kimberly Kardashian West took a break from defending her husband on Twitter to talk about something else near and dear to her heart: Dunkaroos.

In case you forgot about them, they looked like this:

Now, a couple days ago, Twitter user @_LukeKellly sent Betty Crocker (the company that blessed us with the sprinkle-and-frosting cookie snack in the ’90s) a DM asking just how many retweets it would take to bring Dunkaroos back. The answer? “150,000,” directly from Betty Crocker’s social media account. @_LukeKellly posted the DM with a simple, but powerful call to action: “Let’s make this happen.”

Let’s make this happen

Clearly, the people want their Dunkaroos, including Kim (and reportedly celeb Food Queen Chrissy Teigen before she took down her tweet…)!

Obsessed with Dunkaroos. Please come back!

However, the internet quickly starting calling out the original tweet for just being a solid photoshop job. Booooo.

This is fake

But wait! @_LukeKellly came back with some sort of proof that they were indeed DM’d by Betty Crocker:

Let’s make this happen

And then we were all like, IS? THIS? REAL? Well alas, it is not. Sorry Kim. Salt Lake City’s KUTV-TV reached out to General Mills (Betty Crocker’s parent company) for comment and they slashed your lil ’90s hopes and dreams to the ground:

Well, there you have it friends. Dunkaroos are not coming back to American shelves but if you live in Australia you can feast on chocolate hazelnut Dunkaroos. Or, don’t be lazy and make your own.

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