Introducing Chocolate To Stop All Period Pain – Yes Please

We all feel it at least once a month, no not the excitement of our latest magazine coming out but the painful cramps the moodiest of moods but worst of all the insatiable hunger for kilos upon kilos of chocolate.

But often when we do crack into a block of that oh so creamy choc the result is not a cure for period pain but even more irritability, self loathing and bloating.

But alas ladies that is all about to change.

Swiss chocolate brand, Chocolate With Love, claims to have made a magical block that relieves your ungodly period cramps. The secret? Well the block named ‘Frauenmond’ (which translates to ‘women’s moon’) is combo of our fave dark chocolate and 17 organic medicinal herbs. Although, they haven’t released exactly what these herbs are or if they are even legal in Australia…

One other slight issue is that the brand has started a crowd-funding campaign to get the chocolate to supermarket shelves with less than $2,000 of their $18,600 target raised so far.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that they get the funds together and start shipping to Australia within the next 28 days…

In the meantime to cheer you up here is a study that has revealed that eating chocolate for breakfast can lose weight.

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