Klöckners calorie-war: food companies to commit to less sugar

Federal food Minister Julia Klöckner has agreed with the industry specific Figures for the reduction of sugar, salt and fat in ready-made products up to 2025. The food economy was obliged, for the first time, to reduce sugar, salt and fats in processed foods, and wool in your steps to check,, said Klöckner.

The &quot reported;Bild". "It has not previously gegeben", as Klöckner. Thus, for example, the Association of grain, mills is committed and the strength of the economy, to reduce the amount of sugar in children’s Breakfast cereals to have at least 20 percent. As stated in the report, had also soft-drink manufacturer is obliged to label their drinks in the future, with 15 per cent less sugar.

"If the economy doesn’t cooperate, we will make more measures prüfen"

Accordingly, it is in the agreement with the sub-sectors of the food industry to one of the two sides signed a self-commitment. In the coming autumn there should be the first success of the review. "If the economy doesn’t cooperate, we will make more measures prüfen", Klöckner explained.

Klöckner had already, in November, a "National reduction and innovation strategy for sugar, fat and salt in Fertigprodukten" submitted. On Wednesday at 9: 30 a.m. the Federal government to advise the issue at their Cabinet session. Then Klöckner wants to inform in a press conference about it.