Mike’s Hard Lemonade Is Releasing a Pineapple Mandarin Flavor

Fruit-flavored beverages have been popping up left and right ahead of the summer weather that’s comin’ up very soon. There are mango moscatos and pineapple mimosas available at Aldi, and now Mike’s Hard is coming out with a limited-edition pineapple mandarin lemonade.

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A #limitedEdition summer time flavor of Mike’s Hard Lemonade? Sure! Why not! #wheninquarantine right? Haha. I’ll be honest though, I don’t do @mikeshardlemonade anymore. I guess I could if I added more booze and something bitter to balance the sweetness but, it’s just not my scene. But assuming it was, I’d be excited for this flavor combo. Pineapple mandarin? Yea, that sounds great. So have you tried this limited flavor? What’s your thoughts?? . . PS: I FINALLY made it to a grocery store but considering the state of everything, I was not able to browse per usual. Thankfully I snapped a couple pics though 😉 . . #pineapple #mandarian #orange #mikes #mikeshard #mikeshardlemonade #lemonade #booze #adults #adultsonly #drinks #limited #mmm #seasonal #new #newdrinks #dadbod #dadbodsnacks

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Mike’s Hard is definitely one of the most well-known wine cooler brands out there, and for good reason. The classic lemonade flavor is a fan-favorite but other flavors like strawberry and black cherry are also popular. This combo of pineapple and mandarin is definitely a summery pairing, and it seems like it would be sweet with a balanced taste because of the citrus flavor from the mandarin and lemonade. The drink is yellow in color and has a five percent ABV per bottle.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade comes in six-pack cases of bottles and can sometimes be found in cans but with this limited-edition flavor that may not be an option. Similar to the Ritas Guav-A-Rita, it’s likely that this flavor will only be around for the summertime and then may make a return next season if it’s popular.

According to the comments on @DadBodSnacks’ Instagram post, those who have tried the flavor do recommend it. “These are soooooo good,” one user wrote. And honestly, the flavor, color, and convenience of a wine cooler in a bottle is the perfect thing to sip by the pool and enjoy while basking in the sunshine. Need I say more?

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