Stay slim during menopause

During menopause, many women to take. The hormones really are to blame for it? How can you be against taxes?

To remain active, a lot of &ndash move; the hält not only in menopause slim

The Outlook on the menopause are not just tempting. Hot flashes, sleep, turmoil, and mood swings threaten as an accompanying symptoms, außbesides weight gain, including Figurverächange: The waist dwindles, belly swells. As the cause of &uuml be;view &quot way;the Hormone" verdäauthorized.

Right? "Most of the women in this phase of life and actions üabout your Bauch", Professor Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer, head of the Department of f&uuml says;r endocrinology, Diabetes, and Ernäintroduction medicine at the Charité, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin, and the Department of Clinical Ernäintroduction of the German Institute für Ernäcurrency research. "The hormonal changes in this, however, are only one component of many." This is shown also in the balance with hormone replacement therapy (HRT): "There is no reliable research data to show that women under the influence of this treatment, your weight."

Muscle mass decreases

In the course of the menopause the Eierst&ouml make;blocks the production of female sex hormones. "This erhöht in the Köthe body, the proportion of the mämale hormone testosterone from the adrenal glands – with the result that women the männliche bold pattern, so the belly stressed fat deposition, übernehmen", erklärt Ernämanagement physicians. This development was not, however, mandatory. "The belly only, if you are gaining weight."

Most of the women in menopause to observe with some Frustration that they are increasing, although they are not a bit more food than frü. But here’s the Problem: &quot is;Because you just eat as much as frühere, take zu", expert Pfeiffer says. The reason is that In the case of women – as in the case of the Mämen – decreases with the years of the life of Nänutrient needs of the Köbody, as a result of an age-related loss of muscle mass.

The reason sales are falling

Muscles the main part of the metabolism. The so-called basal metabolic rate, so the amount of energy the Köthe body in a state of rest to maintain all of its functions benöneeded, is for women in menopause about one-third lower than 25 years. "Your basal metabolic rate is, on average, only about 1200 calories a day, which is very little. The appetite remains the same groß", the expert says. "If you regelmäßig only 100 calories more to eat than you benöneeded, to come together in the year of a few extra kilos." A kilogram of fat equals 7000 kcal.

Add to this the decrease in the so-called power sales, the power, the man zusäin addition für köphysical Täactivities and Aktivitäten consumed. With the years of gentle Tr&auml sneaks;gheit in everyday life, movement. Instead of climbing the stairs, the Lift lures, Brötchenkauf is moved, the car instead of the legs. And the frühere, occasionally, was the Sprint to the bus stop is möas &ndash avoided; dear waiting for the näfor the next Bus.

The Ernäcurrency customizing

"In jüyounger years, we consume außbesides, a good part of our energy through Aktivitäsuch as finger drums, rockers with the Füßen, a certain amount of Hippeligkeit", erklärt Pfeiffer. These involuntary movements, you will äußerlich quiet and set.

What helps? Pfeiffer recommends a balanced and adequate protein containing Ernäcurrency. "Women tend to eat less Protein. You benöclear, however, is to keep the muscle mass." Rich in proteins are fish, weißit’s meat, beans, peas, lentils, low-fat dairy products. Avoid food with high energy density – about Pizza, hamburgers, Sahnesoße – and such, the blood sugar in the HöHey drift, for example, Weißbread, rice, or cereal. "In order to be weight hält, zäthe energy balance for the hlt but at the end of the day."

The Berlin Ernäintroduction physicians recommends the regelmäßige weight control twice a week. "If it is determined that you have, should be a good feasible Maßsampling in store, the extra weight quickly loszuwerden" – by vorütemporarily a meal of the day auslässt or through zusäadditional sporting Aktivität.

With sports against taxes

Sport is "to halten&quot essential to have the weight in the menopause;, bestäneeded for Professor Dr. Ingo Froböse, head of the center für health through Sport and movement at the German sport University in Köln: "The metabolic needs of the Sport as an engine." He pläcoded dafür, not only the stamina and agility to train, but also, in particular, the großen muscle groups – Thigh, Shoulder, Rücover – targeted to kräbusy. "And with a high Intensität. muscles müshot burn, in order to grow. Conservation is not helpful. This applies für all ages."

At the center für health developed by the sports scientists and frühere high-performance athletes, among others, training programmes, high Intensität für have the strength and endurance of women in mid-life. "This age class gehört gewissermaßto our ‚Sorgengruppen‘. The group of women 40 to 50, according to our studies within the Gesamtbevöpopulation the sporty inaktivste." Many of the women hähave decades any Sport operated – mostly from lack of time due to child-rearing and a profession.

"Women in menopause can benefit from the Sport in particular Maße", Frob&ouml says;se. The metabolism is boosted, the reason sales erhöht, Üthe mountain-weight and its health risks such as Diabetes and cardiovascular disease wübe reduced. Also the mood-enhancing effect of Sports was demonstrated in numerous studies. "And you füfeel definitely more comfortable in your trained Köbody."

Important: anyone Who is chronically ill, new or läfor a long time starts again with the Sport, should gr&uuml before the first Training session as a precaution;nes light from the doctor.