The Spring Recipes That Are Starting to Trend on Pinterest

Although the weather doesn’t really feel like it (at least in the northeast), it is technically spring and that means soon, we’ll have lots of fresh, spring produce to work with in our kitchens. Deciding how to use all of that delicious new produce is an entirely different story. When we’re in need of recipe inspo, there’s only one place we turn to: Pinterest. Pinterest is the hub of creative food recipes so when we’re in a meal rotation rut or need some fresh new ways to use up an ingredient, it’s the first place we look.

Even though winter foods may still be on a lot of our minds right now, spring recipes are starting to trend on Pinterest. Dishes featuring asparagus, lemon and fresh herbs are starting to pop up and it’s giving us hope that the war weather will be soon to follow. Because sorting through Pinterest’s thousands of recipes can be a daunting task, we’ve combed through the recipes that are starting to spike in popularity and picked out the best of the best.

Check out the recipes ahead and then make your shopping list because you’ll want to make these delicious recipes all season long.

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