This New Defrosting Tray on Amazon Thaws Frozen Meats in “A Fraction of the Time”

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How many times have you left a piece of meat in the fridge all day to defrost but when dinnertime comes around you find that the meat is still frozen? It’s super frustrating — and leaves you to find another way to defrost: microwave, warm water, hot breath from yelling at it, etc. If only you had the new aluminum alloy tray from Amazon that, according to reviewers, defrosts meats in a fraction of the normal time.

The Defze Aluminum Alloy Defrosting Tray
on Amazon is brand new to the site but is already raking in five-star reviews. So, how exactly does this thing work? We can explain! Because aluminum alloy is such a great heat conductor, the surface of this tray warms up much faster than a ceramic plate or standard sheet pan. The fence-like hollow bottom allows warm air under the tray, and the warmth travels through the aluminum alloy surface to the meat. It’s simple science that really works.

Just place your frozen meat on the tray, leave it at room temperature, and within just a few hours (depending on the cut of the meat), your dinner will be completely thawed. It’s recommended that you flip the meat every so often to help the defrosting process along.

Defze Aluminum Alloy Defrosting Tray — $29.99 (originally $39.99)

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“I never used one of these before so I wasn’t sure what to expect,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “I left a chicken breast on it to thaw out before I cook it, and it defrosted in a fraction of the time! Very convenient.”

Another added, “The first thing I noticed when I received this package is the amount of heft it had. Turns out it really is made of an aluminum alloy, making it far better quality than what I’d usually be accustomed to. It does accelerate the defrosting process through conductivity, although I would recommend keeping the meat in a ziplock or sous-vide bag to minimize the amount of cleanup required.”

Save your future self from having to do the frozen meat shuffle before dinner time and grab a Defze defrosting tray for 25 percent off right now. Your future dinner-making self will thank you!

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