Victoria Beckham Reveals The One Food She Eats For Better Skin

While our common perception of celebrities is to think of them as flawless beings who have never had to deal with a rogue pimple in their life, the reality is theyre just like us and suffer through bad skin too, sometimes even worse thanks to the heavy makeup they need to wear for work and red carpet events on the regular.

Victoria Beckham is the latest celebrity to shed light on the skincare woes she’s suffered. She revealed to Net-A-Porter that she used to suffer from seriously problematic skin, until recently.

Victorias unusual trick, which has lead to her now radiant skin, involves eating one food every day without fail!

The food in question? Salmon.

While we already know that salmon is full of omega-3 and healthy fats that help to combat inflammations linked with acne, eczema and psoriasis, the fish tends to be an occasional lunch or dinner choice for many of us, rather than a daily diet staple.

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On why she went down the salmon binge route, Victoria said her Los Angeles-based dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer told her that eating salmon every single day for “breakfast, lunch or dinner” would ensure that she saw dramatic results. And if Victoria’s skin is anything to go by these days, Dr. Lancer was right on the money!

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The next time you have a salad for lunch, or grab some sushi, make sure you add some salmon to your plate!

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