5 Social Media Influencers Get Real About How Therapy Is the Best Self Care

One of the great things about social media is how people are able to share experiences and put their messy, imperfect truth out there—posting about everything from mental health issues to grief to the reality of stretch marks and cellulite.

What’s also refreshing is how many influencers are opening up about the positive influence therapy has had on their lives. Going to therapy or counseling sounds like something major that only people in serious crises need. That may be true in some cases, but these five social media stars have another take on it. They’ve realized that seeing a therapist is a form of self care, much like a workout, massage, or other activity that lets you process your thoughts, prioritize your wellness, and help you feel better and more productive.

Need some convincing? Hear them out by reading their recent accounts of the countless mind-body benefits of therapy.

Whenever i post instastories about going to therapy i get a few “why do YOU need therapy?! ?” messages. It makes me laugh, bc it’s pretty much my favorite hour of the week. — I don’t go to a therapist cuz I’m crazy (mostly), I go so I DONT feel crazy, y’knowww?? I started going after a breakup (a “low level crisis” as @guidinglightpsychotherapy would say) & have been there thru some rough patches but now it’s like crisis prevention for me; things don’t have to be wrong to be in therapy. it’s my #1 self care item, & that’s why i talk about it so damn much ? — Oh and about my dream meal at @westbourne! I don’t know how to pronounce labneh or bagna cauda (the dips) but they’re my new favorite foods. Made all the better by catching up on years & years with my kindred spirit/high school love @guidinglightpsychotherapy @_raindear. That human is all ?⚡️?‍♀️✨?? — Ps pls don’t be shy to reach out if I can help with a referral! It’s essential you build your own #angelnetwork but i totally feel you if you don’t know where to start. x

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New York City-based nutritionist Carolyn Brown, RD, recently told her 12K followers that therapy is “pretty much [her] favorite hour of the week,” as well as her number one self care practice. She also included this friendly reminder in her Instagram post: “Things don’t have to be wrong [for you] to be in therapy.” Preach.

?✨DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF ✨? new blog post, “where is my mind” gives you a sneak peek into my mental health journey… thanks to the incredible company @spark_conversations I was inspired to share a bit of my journey and the process of understanding my own mental health. I’d love to know your thoughts on the topic. Do you or anyone you know struggle with mental health? It’s time to SPARK the conversation && break the stigma. .. . “For years, my mom told me I would benefit from therapy. Being raised in an emotionally and verbally abusive environment, there was lots of distorted layers of beliefs that needed to be explored and dismantled. I refused to even entertain the idea. Shrinks are for crazy people who don’t have control… but let me just tell you, that is SO FALSE. Everyone needs a therapist, life is hard and sometimes it’s nice to not have to put on a brave face and a fake smile…” (to continue, link in bio)

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The lifestyle blogger behind the Instagram account @seretsofsunshine shared how she finally found her way to therapy. Explaining that she initially refused to go, the blogger says she realized just how healing therapy can be—no matter what you’re going through. “Everyone needs a therapist, life is hard and sometimes it’s nice to not have to put on a brave face and a fake smile,” she wrote.

IT’S HERE ?Eating Disorder Recovery, Part 2, snippet below ?? . . it was noon on a friday and i’d just finished class at UCLA law school. i was stressed: i had a paper due monday and i hadn't even started researching yet. meanwhile, my best friend's birthday party was scheduled for that evening and i was worried about how i would balance being a good friend with studying. i slid into the front seat of my car, folded down the sun shade and stared at myself in the mirror. i knew i needed to hit the books, but i was almost too stressed to get started. i needed to do something to calm down. so i folded up the mirror, turned the key in the ignition, and drove straight to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills, already feeling ashamed of what i knew i was about to do. ⠀ .⠀ "i'll take a dozen." i told the slim brunette behind the counter in her crisp, white apron.⠀ .⠀ "okay which flavors would you like?" was she looking at me judgmentally, or was it just my my imagination?⠀ . ⠀ "oh these are for my friend," i lied. "it's her birthday and she loves chocolate. so anything with chocolate. chocolate chips, chocolate icing. surprise me!"⠀ .⠀ but of course the cupcakes weren't for my friend. i drove straight back to my apartment and devoured each and every one, hating myself as i savored each bite of sugary sponge cake and buttery frosting. i licked the wrappers, throwing them into a messy pile in the box in front of me. i felt horrible, physically and emotionally. so i went straight to the bathroom to throw up. but unlike the gallons of Dreyers ice cream that came up so easily, the cupcakes just wouldn't come up. my stomach and heart ached. i was a failure. i’d never get this paper done. i'd never be a size 0. i’d never be good enough. and now i felt too sick to go to my friend's party, so i was a bad friend, too.⠀ .⠀ ready for more? CLICK LINK IN BIO to read the full post on the SPECIFIC STEPS i took to heal ?? YOU CAN GET THERE TOO! #kalejunkie .⠀ website: @owenketurah pc: @melissas_healthykitchen post edits: @culturekitty

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While detailing her experience with bulimia nervosa for 15 years, Nicole Modic of the Instagram account and blog @kalejunkie credited therapy (among other things) for her recovery. “I learned a LOT about myself from all of the therapy, reading, yoga training, and sharing with my loved ones,” she wrote on her website, adding that “the important takeaway here is that once I took the power into my own hands and actively [started] looking to heal, I learned everything I needed to heal, and to heal for good.”

Whenever I get stuck {spoiler alert: it’s more often lately than I like to admit}, I do the things that make me feel good: deep scary therapy, meditation before I even go on social media ?, yoga, and even posting this front-on photo of myself that makes me feel v uncomfortable. I do the things that make my brain stop saying “poor me” and make me feel something DIFFERENT. BUT sometimes even my tricks don’t work. Sometimes I want to curl in a ball or run to another country and give up on all. Those are real thoughts. They are transient, but they are real. I’m NOT fused with them, but they are there. Last resort—-> lean on friends. I like to be the strong one for my friends. I like to listen, give advice, help. I DONT like to complain or make it about me. But sometimes, I have to. To my friends who I call family, I owe you my life and am so grateful for you! ♥️ ps. Few more tix to tomorrow’s Conscious Collective event at TWN HQ. If you’re looking to hang with good people and good food, join us. Link in bio ✨?photo: @jackieeeeshi wearing: @90degreebyreflex

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One thing that helps this New York City-based nutritionist get un-stuck on tough days? “Deep scary therapy,” plus a break from social media, yoga, and meditation. Get to it! But don’t freak about the “scary” part. Therapy isn’t supposed to terrify you; it’s more about taking a closer look at your thought patterns and figuring out changes you could make to feel happier. 

As you scroll endlessly on @instagram, comparing yourself to whatever blogger, instaceleb, athlete, popular girl at your school etc etc you choose to follow…please remember that this often not the reality of what is. – Perfectly staged smiles, relationship goals, airbrushed skin, Facetuned bodies…just always remember that we all have the control over what’s seen. – People manufacture their lives to be acceptable and ready for consumption. For adoration. Just be wary as you consume my friends. – I choose to post this because the reality of me is that today I’m sick. My skin looks like this..imperfect. My eyebrows decided to quit growing midway through. I’m not wearing a bra and my boobs are not in the location they were in my early twenties. My eyes have bags. My hair is insane. I didn’t work out today. I didn’t have a perfectly executed breakfast. And I’m procrastinating with work. I still love myself. – I am human. You are human. When did our realities become so shameful? When did we decide that our bodies, lives, and feelings need to be facetuned to be loved or accepted? – Never feel like shit about yourself because we are all the same. #bebetter #nofilter

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In an interview with Talkspace.com, influencer and Adidas global ambassador Chinae Alexander opened up about how therapy helped her work through a panic disorder and crippling anxiety. “I resisted medication for as long as I could, but it became pretty frightening to be fainting in public places, so to the doctor I went…pride in shambles,” wrote Alexander.

“I was not the anxious, helpless girl. {CUE STIGMA } I went to therapy for years and found it to be one of my favorite parts of my week. I was on medication for six months in total. Three months in, the relationship ended and I started to heal internally. My panic never came back,” she said, adding that her doctor helped wean her off anxiety medications. “I don’t deal with panic disorder or anxiety anymore, it was about a year total that I struggled through that battle.”

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