Abby Lee Miller Just Shared A New Video Doing Ballet And Her 'New Hope' For 2020

  • Abby Lee Miller posted a new video to Instagram showing herself doing a plié
    relevé out of her wheelchair.
  • The Dance Moms star completes the standing ballet moves with the help of a walker.
  • Abby lost her mobility following her Burkitt lymphoma diagnosis and undergoing spinal surgery last year.

Abby Lee Miller is dancing her way into 2020 with some big goals. In fact, the Dance Moms star just posted a new video of herself standing and doing ballet to Instagram.

The short clip shows her complete multiple moves, including pliés and relevés, with form Abby would approve of. She stood with the help of a walker and declared to the camera: “New Year, new day, let’s get this.”

It looks like she’s well on her way to hitting her goal of walking with these dance moves. Abby added in the caption: “New Year! New Goal! New Hope!” Clearly, she’s on her feet in this video and in a previous clip showing her using a walker back in September. Abby has been using a wheelchair and dealing with limited mobility for over a year after being diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma and undergoing spinal surgery.

    “I’m still struggling with the aftermath of my illness and the surgeries that came along with it,” she previously told Women’s Health. “A huge challenge I’m still facing every single day? My seriously limited mobility, thanks to how the cancer and surgeries impacted parts of my body, and the electric wheelchair I currently rely on as a result.”

    Abby’s fans were thrilled with her fancy footwork. Commenters praised her, writing: “Wow your progress is so good 💕💕” and “GET IT QUEEN!!💕” Another fan wrote, “You got this Miss Abby!! Love u❤️”

    Abby previously told Women’s Health, “My goal is to walk again. I know I’ll probably never walk around Disney World or the airport, but I’m hopeful I can walk for short distances and get some normalcy back in the future.”

    It already looks like she’s well on her way.

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