Blogger Sarah's Day Reveals What Her Day On A Plate Looks Like

Sarah’s Day is a fitness, health and wellbeing blogger, sharing her day to day life across all her social media platforms. She is becoming known in the influencer community for her authentic YouTube videos and her super bubbly personality… but what is next for Sarah? From posting about her lunchtime nourish bowls or her new favourite way to train with her boyfriend Kurt- Sarah tells us about her day on a plate and her upcoming projects!

Congratulations on your fitness challenge e-book that was released a couple months ago and now these protein balls with the Health Lab… what is next?

Thank you so much! Honestly, the projects that I have going on right now are almost endless. My passion for everything holistic health and fitness has absolutely flooded my world this year and let’s just say that I’ve jumped into the flood head first! Think active wear, treats and possibly some highly requested eBooks!

You recently uploaded a behind the scenes of a YouTuber video where you opened up on the stress of YouTube. What is the best and worst thing about your job?

The best is definitely being able to live and breathe my passion every single day. Not only do I love sharing my knowledge and journey in regards to health and fitness, but I truly love being a content creator. Some of my favourite days are when I’ve blocked out a few hours to create recipes, film the process and create some colourful edits. However, this same aspect can also be the jobs downfall. Each vlog takes me 12 hours to edit, so for an active human like myself… I sometimes find it super hard and frustrating to sit down for 12 hours straight every three days!

We love watching you and Kurt on social media, it is obvious he keeps you grounded, stress-free and so happy! How does social media play a part in your relationship with him?

He definitely does! It honestly doesn’t affect us at all strangely enough. Sure if I’m digging my outfit and order a cute colourful meal I’ll ask him to take a sneaky insta snap of me, but besides that we are pretty normal. I’m lucky that I’m surrounded by an incredibly loving and supportive community where the ‘couple’ comments are always positive and uplifting. Kurt and I seem to live in our own little love bubble that is impenetrable – even to social media.

Is there any difference in your online presence to your everyday presence in real life?

Haha not at all and I think that’s why I find it so easy to upload vlogs every three days. I named my channel Sarah’s Day because that’s literally what it is… my day. I’ve always promised to stay authentic, raw and honest on my channel so what you see is what you get!

At Women’s Health, we love talking about food and lifestyle and you have gone through a lot of diet changes from raw vegan to vegan to paleo… how did you find such a holistic balance with food?

Everyone is different, and I suppose I’m the kind of person that need to test it for myself. I like to be my own Guinea pig and form my own opinions. After trying all of these different eating styles, it just became to obvious, so clear to me that listening to my body, eating real, whole-foods was the answer! I’ve never felt better, more satisfied or unrestricted. I genuinely love my diet and my cravings are always satisfied!

What is your favourite training style at the moment? Does it change frequently?

I definitely go through phases that’s for sure! Earlier this year it was all body-weight plyometric circuits, then it was Pilates, now I’m really into boxing! I like to mix it up to keep it fun, fresh and engaging.

Are you going through one of those phases where you’re just not enjoying your workouts? You feel unmotivated to train and feel sick at the thought of rocking up to the gym? Well sissys, I’ve been there ?? I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve experienced the dreaded gym rut! One of the most important elements of my fitness eBook Sweat it to Shred it was to keep it fresh, fun and DIVERSE! This is my version of the ‘treat yo self’ workout. I’ve been LOVING boxing lately so I’m focusing on improving my form and combo fluency. For those chicky babes who are currently smashing through OR have finished my eight week fitness plan – what’s your fave workout!?? I’m a sucker for the 10min ab blaster too!! ?? Link to my fitness guide in IG bio or visit ?

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Now for the hardest question of all… we know you love your healthy snacks and we know all about your fruit and nut addiction… if you had to pick one healthy snack to enjoy for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ok well aside from my protein balls #obvs it would honestly be a banana and a handful of nuts. So simple, so convenient, so accessible and so delicious!

What does your standard day on a plate look like?

 As I do listen to my body, every single day is different! But let’s stick to my personal faves and the most common meals in my week…

  • Before brekkie I try to drink at least 500ml of warm lemon water. This helps to get my digestion started and it honestly just put’s me into a fresh mainframe for the day.
  • Brekkie usually consists of 2 poached free range eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, wilted spinach and some paleo toast.
  • Mid-morning snack: I live for snacking! As I work from home… aka the kitchen, I’m always walking past the cupboard munching down on something. My staple morning snack is a banana and walnuts. Perfect brain food to smash out emails!
  • Lunch is always a nourish bowl! Like… pretty much always haha. I like to have prepped vegetables ready to go in the fridge, so cubes of cinnamon roasted sweet potato, pumpkin and beetroot are my jam! I fill a huge bowl with my veggies, baby spinach, cucumber, coriander, apple cider vinegar, black sesame seeds, flaxseed oil and then top with a source of protein like chicken or salmon
  • 3PM is when my sweet tooth come out to play! Again, I listen to my body and treat myself to a protein ball or I’ll make a choc-banana smoothie!
  • Dinner is very similar to lunch, however, I prepare it on a plate instead of a bowl… don’t ask me why haha.
  • I always finish my day with dessert! Usually this is a bowl of my homemade deluxe fruit and nut mix, a smoothie bowl or a little fruit platter I make up for Kurt and I to share.

WHAT’S IN MY NOURISH BOWL? ? I honestly have a nourish bowl for lunch almost every single day, however, the ingredients change depending on my health, goals or activity. This week it’s all about PERIODS!! Yep! I’ve spent my morning being poked and prodded with ultra sounds and blood tests to find out what’s going on with my body. My focus right now is getting my period back and creating a prime baby making factory for my future #milflife goals ??? I’m vlogging the entire experience in the hopes that it may help someone else out there struggling with the same issue. Today’s nourish bowl hero ingredients are… ?Roasted Beetroot: Increase blood flow, iron, detoxification and Yin ?Black Sesame Seeds: Rich in zinc and encourage menstrual flow ?Parsley: Detoxify, cleanse and nourish the blood to stimulate flow I’ve always said that everything happens for a reason and I feel like this is one of them. I’ll be keeping you, my sissy, my family informed every step of the way ??

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What is your go-to beauty routine?

Well you’ll have to stay tuned onto my YouTube channel as I’m about to release an updated skincare routine but I’m all about hydration. In my opinion, hydration and topical vitamin based serums are miracle workers when it comes to the skins texture and glow. I’m a huge fan of oils and serums and lather my entire body daily.

Because healthy gals drink green juice…right!? ????‍♀️ I feel like a fresh green juice is the go-to healthy gal hack of choice! Need a detox? Green juice. Feeling bloated? Green juice. Want glowing skin like a majestic health goddess angel? Green juice?? Well sissys, I’m about to explore these questions and give you my advice! I’ve decided to start up a weekly Sezzy Squad email that will be sent out every Friday ?? I’m treating it like a secret sister society where I spill extra secrets, tips and tricks that you may not find on my videos or posts. So get ready for sezzified Friday’s filled with free advise, tips, competitions, giveaways, recipes and more! To join the Sezzy Squad just go to my website scroll down to the bottom and JOIN linking your email. Like I said, this is totally free and relaxed. I just wanted to come up with a more personal, secretive and safe place for us to connect ?‍♀️?? First email will go out this Friday!! (If all goes to technical plan ??)

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