Britains most premature twins to head home soon

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Harley and Harry Crane were conceived via IVF and were born at 22 weeks and five days – more than a week before the abortion limit. Babies born at that stage are not classed as legally viable and medical intervention is sometimes not offered.

But the tough siblings have amazed doctors, who initially gave them a zero per cent chance of survival.

Mum Jade, 39, of Derby, has spent the last 13 weeks staying by her babies’ sides at Queen’s Medical Hospital in Nottingham.

The former mental health nurse, who lives with husband Steve, 52, said: “I’m so proud of my babies – they’re little fighters.

“The doctors are amazed, they’re really rooting for us. There’s not one surgeon in the hospital who hasn’t heard about our twins.They’ll go down in medical history!”

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