Diabetes: Fußpass amputations should be avoided

People with Diabetes need to be especially careful with their feet. Because a dreaded consequence of the disease of the metabolism, the diabetic foot syndrome, the every year is for 40,000 amputations is responsible. The German Diabetes society (DDG) wants to reduce this number and has developed to this purpose, a foot-Pass, the be Concerned free of charge can order.

The diabetic foot syndrome is one of the most serious complications in Diabetes. The blood sugar mirror is for years to high, damage to the nerves and blood vessels in the legs and feet are not uncommon. In consequence, even the smallest injuries heal poorly, are susceptible to infection and often develop deep ulcers, which may be down to the bone spread. In the worst case, Amputation may be necessary. According to the DDG, however, half of these operations could be due to better Prevention or alternative treatments, or at least restricted, prevented.

Traffic-light system indicates the risk

The new "Foot Pass" the DDG is designed to facilitate patient care and ensure that they advise in the best way possible, and treat let. The passport, issued by the physician and the Diabetes passport attached, works according to the ‘traffic light’ system: patients with the green foot-Pass, and low risk once a year, your feet control. Owner of a yellow passport, and a medium level of risk to be dealt with every six months, and preventive measures, such as a pedicure should take. The Patient receives the red foot Pass, he belongs to the high-risk group and district will have to go yearly to the doctor.

Second opinion before surgery

In addition, the Patient receives the note on the right to get a second opinion from an independent doctor before surgery such as an Amputation. Just this Information according to DDG for many diabetics is very important, because not everyone know of his right to a second opinion. "Make Affected by your second opinion right it is not in use, it can continue to unnecessary amputations kommen", DDG President, Professor Dr. med warns. Monika Kellerer.

The passport for free at the following email address: [email protected] ordered.


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