Dr Hilary’s key tips to ‘boost’ your immunity ahead of ‘twindemic’

Dr Hilary Jones explains importance of vitamin A and D

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Doctors are currently worried about the simultaneous onslaught of both Covid and flu expected to hit the UK this winter. Dubbed as the “twindemic”, this cocktail of viruses could compromise the health of millions of Britons. Fortunately, Doctor Hilary has shared how to protect yourself against this double whammy.

Speaking on Lorraine, the doctor said: “If you look at what’s happening in Australia, which is a good gauge of what could happen in our winter, they’ve seen the biggest number of flu cases in five years.

“One of the reasons for this is because we’ve all been wearing masks, we’ve been in lockdown, we’ve been hiding away from Covid.

“So our immunity against viruses that cause flu is also diminished.

“There is a risk that some people, particularly the people with existing medical conditions, could be at risk.”

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