Fiat 500 Car Review

Who is it for: City slickers who are always on point.

Why we love it: Fiat’s funky 500 first rolled into the hearts of fashion-focused motorists in 1957. Officially relaunched in 2007, it washed into Australia from the catwalks of Milan riding a wave of nostalgia – and it wasn’t alone.

Mini’s equally old-school Mini Cooper was again prowling the streets, while the humble VW Beetle had also returned from the dead.

Only the Fiat 500 (from $18,000) has stayed true to its retro roots, but these vintage looks hide some seriously high-tech gadgetry, with touchscreens and button-festooned steering wheels peppering the entire Fiat 500 range.

Sure, it’s not super comfortable for any adult-sized humans forced to endure the back seat. But it is stunning to look at, fun to drive and will inject la dolce vita into the most mundane of commutes.

Look out for: Fashionistas going wild – because the 500 (or ‘cinquecento’
as the Italians say) is so intrinsically linked with fashion it’s been offered in Gucci, Paco Rabanne and Diesel editions. Yep.

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